C-loop Challenge (June 17,2011)

June 17, 2011 (Friday 11:00pm)

C-Loop Challenge (6K) at Mall  of Asia (MOA)

Right after the concert of Miley Cyrus

Paul Carl Sabino, CJ Paran And Pepper Rosales

and with my RUNNING IDOL’S we start running at 12:00 midnight at aNR Training Grounds


Maggie Arellano, Michael Joseph ko, CJ Paran, Pepper Rosales,  Chris Francisco, Francis Coles, Chaps Grande and Japhet Grande

after 1 LOOP Water Break and Picture Break  daw muna

 AFTER 5 Hours and few minute’s we decided to stop running, after finishing 5 loops (30k) because of heaby rain and some of us feel sleepy..including me after 2.5 loops hehehe…

after finishing 5 loops uwian time na daw…picture muna bago umuwi..

(pakitaan daw ng abs)

TEAM MOA saying “30” for 30K loop run


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