nothing but pure performance with inno3D nvidia GeForce GTX 780

Last saturday july 20,2013 at sm marikina cyberzone.. Launch and exciting event in the world of pc and gadget world.. ADX Tech Upgrade Caravan Launch their new products  and also conduct a FREE seminars, as they Talk about the Latest Trends in the PC and Gadget World!!

Inno3D launch their new product, the “INNO3D GEFORCE GTX780” .  Inno3D is excited to unveil the launch of the much anticipated Inno3D® GeForce® GTX 780. The new GeForce GTX 780 marks an evolution in gaming performance—an insanely fast, smooth, and whisper-quiet experience, nothing but pure performance every time.

It features a massively powerful NVIDIA Kepler™ GPU of 2,304 cores—50% more than its predecessor. Plus, it comes with 3 GB of high-speed GDDR5 memory and NVIDIA GPU Boost 2.0 technology, giving you the performance capabilities you need to game at extreme settings.

The GTX 780 is more than just fast and smooth. It’s perfectly tuned to today’s most advanced gaming technologies with features like GeForce Experience™ for one-click driver and settings optimization, plus NVIDIA® PhysX® and TXAA™ for smooth, sharp graphics.

GTX-780-hero   The inno3D nvidia GeForce GTX780 nothing but pure prformance, top cover is a aluminum case with fiber glass on the heat sink part, for easy cleaning.

gtx780 inside

inside GTX 780 and rear panel


BattleField 3 on a ultra high setting


more performance for your high end games

press_2013_05_23_05 with box

INNO3D conduct a product test and FREE seminar for those who own and planning to own an internet cafe business and how to have a great profit in this business. also they discuss the latest NVIDIA 700 Series Cards with the introduction of the GTX 780.13250_491160240974197_1743919240_n




Gilas Pilipinas Vs Pba All Star

Wenesday evening of july 24 at Mall Of Asia Arena 2 teams battled for this great exhibition event the ” Gilas Pilipinas Vs Pba All Star” sponsored by MYPHONE. A exhibition game road to fiba Asia Championship.

gilas pinas

L.A. Tenorio, Jeff Chan and the rest of the Gilas Pilipinas battled out agains P.J. Simon,Chris Tiu and Arwind Santos and the rest of the PBA All Star in a exhibition match to condition the Gilas Pilipinas a week before Fiba Asia Championship.

I got FREE Ticket’s to Lower Box A for this event from Mall Of Asia ARENA, 6:30pm the gate’s open for the fan’s. As we go to our sit’s the player’s were already there warming up.




Exactly 7pm the game was started, as i see lot of fans are excited to see some highlights about this event. Gilas didnt play they real game they just pass pass pass and then someone is open then shoot.. Chot Reyes may think that they may scout by other team.


In the end Gilas win the game with the double digit advantage againts pba all star,both teams play a good game and hope gilas will be a good and tough to defend their home court. see you on fiba asia championship august 1 – 11.

Miriam College Family Run

Last sunday (july 21,2013) at miriam college just finish a successful event titled “MC’s Cool Family Run” for the benifit’s of MC Nuvali, with the alumni,faculties and their families from the katipuneras and a lot of familiar runner’s from  different running group like Ok-Ok runners, chi-cem runner’s, we love running, team cramps and other runner’s that running for there last long run before the milo event… Event Organizer Greentennial  is know for organizing running event’s with cool gimmick’s like best costume and also for having finisher’s medal for all and a thumb’s up to the volunteer marshal’s that greet and cheer you on route.


I ran 3K with my nephew JC (beside me at the starting line) this is his first official run but we always do run on weekends morning  if we have free time.


The Route is nice fresh air inside miriam campus turn left to katipunan ave. passing ateneo de manila univ. going to katipunan flyover u-turn going back to finish line. I enjoy the route, first time to run at katipunan,


good hydration thanks to pocari sweat, they have a hydration station 300m before finish line to refresh you before going to a strong finish and they have also booth there to grab some bottle of pocari to replenish your body fluid that lost during run.

in the end i want to congratulate greentenial run for another successful event, co-runner’s for they great marshal duty, nikki de dios for endorsing MC’sCool Run and other runner’s who  finished the race. See you next time for another great running event.

HP Run 2013

935754_272295662916659_1059329098_n (1)

HP Run 2013

September 1, 2013 (sunday)

     HP Run is a run for a cause, organized by Wellness team of Hewlett-Packard Philippines. Join the biggest fun run event on September 1, 2013! The run
is OPEN for EVERYONE (HP or Non-HP Employees)
The proceeds of the activity will be given to Tenement Elementary School to build new classrooms for the next school year.Registration period is from June 26, 2013 – Aug 9, 2013Race Details:
Venue: Bonifacio Global City
Date: September 1, 2013 (Assembly Time is at 5AM)

Registration Fees:
3k: PHP 400
5k: PHP 500
10k: PHP 600
5k Buddy: PHP 800 per pair

RACE BENEFICIARY: Tenement Elementary School, Taguig

REGISTRATION PERIOD: Until August 9, 2013

online registration : HP RUN 2013

Registration Guidelines:

  1. Registration period is from June 26, 2013 – July 26, 2013.
  2. Please take note of the fees of which race you are participating.
  3. Mode of payment is via bank deposit. Payment should be made prior to registration.Payment thru BPI account deposit
    BPI – Savings Account
    Pierre Gabriel Ngo Dee
  4. Please keep a copy of your deposit slip as it will serve as your passport to redeem your race kits.
  5. For 5K Buddy:
    • 1st buddy registers and chooses “Yes, this is first signup” in Initial Sign Up field.
    • A code will be emailed to the 1st buddy.
    • 2nd buddy registers and chooses “No, I have a buddy code already.” and enters the code.

 Input Payment and Registration Details at





Track Running 101

Track Running 101
By Jeff Galloway

Whether you’re taking your first steps as a runner or trying to improve your speed, a track can be a safe, convenient place to run. There are no cars to contend with, many tracks are lighted, the synthetic surface cushions your joints, and the measured distance makes it easy to monitor your pace. But beginners often steer clear of running on the local oval because they’re intimidated—unsure of the rules and etiquette. Here’s all you need to know to run in circles safely.
Typically, counterclockwise. Some tracks alternate directions daily—check for posted rules or follow the lead of other runners.WHICH LANE DO I USE?
Most runners should utilize the two outermost lanes. The three inside lanes are reserved for faster runners and those who are doing speed workouts. Walkers should use the far outside lane.HOW LONG IS ONE LAP?
The standard distance of the innermost lane is 400 meters. The outermost lane can be up to 50 meters longer.

Assuming a normal, counterclockwise pattern, pass on the right.

Most tracks are free; however, their hours may be restricted when they’re affiliated with a school.

During track meets or organized practices. However, some teams will allow recreational runners to use the outside lane during their workouts. When in doubt, ask.

It’s up to you. If you choose to run with music, you should keep one ear free so you’re aware of your surroundings and runners coming up behind you.

Unless you’re a very fast competitor, wear your regular running shoes.

Do We Have to Cool Down After Exercise?

Do you often, if guiltily, skip cooling down after exercise? A small but soothing body of new research suggests that you aren’t missing out on much.

coolling down

coolling down

Most of us were taught in elementary school gym classes that the body requires a formal period of cooling down after a workout or competition. Instructors told us that by slowing to a jog or otherwise lessening the intensity of the workout, followed by stretching or otherwise transitioning out of physical activity, we would prevent muscle soreness, improve limberness and speed physiological recovery. All of this would allow us to perform better physically the next day than if we hadn’t cooled down.

But under scientific scrutiny, none of those beliefs stand up well.

In a representative study published last year in The Journal of Human Kinetics, a group of 36 active adults undertook a strenuous, one-time program of forward lunges while holding barbells, an exercise almost guaranteed to make untrained people extremely sore the next day. Some of the volunteers warmed up beforehand by pedaling a stationary bicycle at a very gentle pace for 20 minutes. Others didn’t warm up but cooled down after the exercise with the same 20 minutes of easy cycling. The rest just lunged, neither warming up nor cooling down.

The next day, all of the volunteers submitted to a pain threshold test, in which their muscles were prodded until they reported discomfort. The volunteers who’d warmed up before exercising had the highest pain threshold, meaning their muscles were relatively pain-free.

Those who’d cooled down, on the other hand, had a much lower pain threshold; their muscles hurt. The cool-down group’s pain threshold was, in fact, the same as among the control group. Cooling down had bought the exercisers nothing in terms of pain relief.

Similarly, in two other studies published last year, one in The Journal of Human Kinetics and the other in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, professional soccer players in Spain underwent a series of physical tests to benchmark their vertical leap, sprinting speed, agility and leg muscle flexibility, and then completed a normal soccer practice. Afterward, some of the players simply stopped exercising and sat quietly on a bench for 20 minutes, while others formally cooled down with 12 minutes of jogging and 8 minutes of stretching.

The next day, the players repeated the physical tests and also told the scientists how sore their legs felt, an assessment with which professional athletes tend to be familiar.

It turned out that there were almost no differences between the two groups of players. The cool-down group could, on average, leap a little higher the next day than those who’d sat around for 20 minutes, but the difference was slight. And on all of the other measures of performance, flexibility and muscle soreness, the groups were the same.

The available data “quite strongly suggest a cool-down does not reduce postexercise soreness,” says Rob Herbert, a senior research fellow at Neuroscience Research Australia and senior author of what is probably thefoundational study of cooling down, from 2007. In that experiment, healthy adults walked backward downhill on a treadmill for 30 minutes, courting sore muscles and curious stares from fellow gymgoers. Some of the volunteers first walked forward for 10 minutes as a warm-up; others did the same afterward, to cool down. Others didn’t warm up or cool down.

Two days later, the group that had cooled down was every bit as sore as the control group.

Given all of these findings, then, is there any valid reason to cool down?

Yes, says Andrea Fradkin, an associate professor of exercise science at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania. “A cool-down has been shown to prevent venous pooling after exercise,” or the buildup of blood in the veins, she says. During prolonged, vigorous exercise, the blood vessels in your legs expand, meaning that more blood moves through them. Stop exercising abruptly, and that blood pools in your lower body, which can lead to dizziness or even fainting.

The condition is easy to combat, though. Just walk for a few minutes at the end of a workout and you’ll maintain normal circulation to the brain, says Ross Tucker, a South African physiologist and a founder of the estimable Web site The Science of Sport. “And that’s not really a cool-down,” as most of us would define the procedure, he says.

Still, if a formal cool-down provides few confirmed physiological benefits, it may have a scientifically squishy, but nevertheless worthwhile psychological effect. “If you’ve done a very hard track session, it’s nice to end with some light jogging,” Dr. Tucker says, just to restore a subjective “sense of normality to your legs.”

A cool-down, in other words, feels nice.

And it’s important to note that “none of the scientific research shows any negative effects due to performing a cool-down,” Dr. Fradkin says.

So, in essence, the available science suggests that whatever you’re doing now at the end of a workout is probably fine.

“My feeling is that” unless future science shows otherwise, “people shouldn’t worry about it,” Dr. Herbert says. “If they like to cool down, then it’s not going to hurt them. But if they don’t feel like it, then they shouldn’t feel a need to do it.”