Greening NLEX advocacy

Greening NLEX  “67  varieties 20,000 tree’s” advocacy

MPTC President Ramon Fernandez led NLEX officials and employees along with a number of journalists in planting trees at the Pulilan Interchange last Saturday, August 17.

Around 1,000 seedlings of indigenous trees were planted during last Saturday’s activity, picking up from last month’s launch of “Greening the NLEX: 67 Varieties, 20,000 Trees” in celebration of MNTC chairman Manuel Pangilinan’s birthday.

The first 1,000 saplings were planted at the Sindalan Interchange in Mexico, Pampanga during the launch in July. The project intends to plant a total of 20,000 trees of 67 varieties on selected areas along the NLEX by February next year. This project was started 2007, they planted 35,000 tree’s along the entire strech of the NLEX..

MNTC has sought the participation of the media including editors, columnists, reporters and bloggers in tree planting in pulilan. The tollway company also invite other like-minded sector’s such as non-government organization (NGOs) and local government unit’s (LGUs) in the succeeding episode of the greening program.


With  MNTC vice president for technology and operations management Raul Ignacio, MNTC vice president for corporate communication Marlene Ochoa, Ron delos Reyes of Auto Review, Mon Fernandez and  Manila Standard Today Associate Editor Ray Enano.

522425_658984904112885_1508922223_nthis kid is amazing, one of the volunteer to plant tree at pulilan  interchange. “kung kaya ng matanda, kaya din ng bata” ,

Ms. Marlene Ochoa sad that the Greening the NLEX program is part of MNTC’s environmental advocacy, and a continuing commitment to maintain NLEX’s image as a world-class expressway.

Part of the effort is to maintain NLEX as the country’s premier expressway is to continually make it safe and clean, and the best way to keep the air clean is to plant as many tree’s as possible also tree planting  will not only contribute to fresher air along NLEX, but also to help control floods in the countryside as well. They will also add to beautiful countryside scenery and will greatly  benifit their stakeholders, particular the motorist and the community living near expressway.

An additional 3,00 tree saplings courtesy of the NLEX greening project are now taking roots at the CANDABA swamp reservation in candaba, pampanga

The MNTC also participated in the tree-planting program of the My.Arayat National Park, the Green Philippie Highway and the La Mesa Ecopark.


Support Kikay Runner for the next Gameplan Host

Support Kikay Runner for the next Gameplan Host

She  is Noelle De Guzman, also known as Kikay Runner. She is a marathoner and triathlete who aims to inspire people to start running. One of the nominee for the next Gameplan host.


Who among us didn’t grow up watching Gameplan, the coolest sports and active lifestyle show on television? (EVER. Nothing came close to it!)

So when Paolo Abrera announced that Gameplan was coming back and that they were looking for its next male and female hosts, I jumped on the opportunity. It’s a dream job of mine and something I’ve been trying to work toward, if you caught my hosting stints on RunnerSpeak and Alagang Kapatid.

She were asked to make a 1-minute video answering the questions “What is your gameplan in life?” and “Why should you be the next Gameplan host?” I tried to answer as honestly and from-the-heart as I could, and I think that’s what’s important!

Please help me get to the next step of auditions! Watch her audition video and click the “Like” button below it. Total number of Likes plays a role in who gets asked to the live auditions in front of the Gameplan producers.

how to vote? just clikck the like botton  as you see on the pic.


Watch Video and vote here:

Globe Samsung Galaxy Note2 Free with Postpaid Plan 999 Until August 26, 2013 Only

Globe Samsung Galaxy Note2 Free with Postpaid Plan 999 Until August 26, 2013 Only

Yesterday, while I was walking around SM North Edsa, an attractive lady wearing a tight blue dress casually approached me and said ‘Hi!’
I thought she wanted to have a chat and get to know me,but as it turned out, she simply wanted to hand me a flyer. (haysss T_T)


The whole thing might not have panned out the way I thought it would but, at least, I’m now aware of Globe’s exciting-albeit-short-lived promo. Now, isn’t that sweet?

Apparently, Globe Telecom will be offering Samsung Galaxy Note2 phablet and Samsung Galaxy S3 for free with Globe Plan 999 – replete with Unlimited Mobile Internet per month plus 1 Globe Freebie – starting August 21 until August 26, 2013 – that’s Monday next week – only! They’ll also give consumers a chance to get the current flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 for free with just Plan 1799 instead of Plan 2499.

So why the sudden decision to offer such high-end phablet at a bargain? I guess it’s becauseSamsung Galaxy Note3 is set to be announced in a couple of weeks and Globe doesn’t want to be bothered with too many Samsung Galaxy Note2 devices in their inventory.

Samsung Galaxy Note2 may be just days away from being formally superseded but I think it’s still great handset to own. And to get it for free with Plan 999 while enjoying unlimited internet is already a steal if you ask me. For more information about this promo or to subscribe to a postpaid plan, feel free to visit a Globe Store near you.

MSI Beat-it Event at SM North Edsa


MSI Beat It! Cosplay Reloaded: Dragon Nest and Avatar Star Edition



DOTA 2 Grand Finals



 Sim Racing


Rig Modding Event


Counter Strike


111MSI BEAT IT! 2013


August 31, 2013 (Saturday)

HOW TO JOIN?        

E-mail the following with the subject: I Want to Join!

  • Your details: Complete Name, Character Name, Mobile Number
  • Reference pictures. This must include screen capture, poster, or any other official medium that will reveal the character’s full costume. The pictures should reveal different views of the character (i.e. front, back, sides)
  • Animated picture of your character.
  • Your presentation music in MP3 format, 128 kbps, 44.1 Khz via email.

Participants for each category will be shortlisted to perform on the main event:

  • Best Game-inspired: 10 participants
  • Best Chibi: 5 participants
  • (Special category) Costrip: 5 participants

Qualified participants are required to bring the following upon registration on the event day:

  • I.D.
  • Signed parent’s consent/waiver (if minor)
  • Characters profile/introduction (1 to 2 sentences)



I.    Eligibility

  • Anyone who cosplays is a qualified participant, subject to online pre-screening.
  • By registering to the cosplay contest, participants agree to allow MSI to use their images for promotional purposes, both photographs and video.

II.   General Information

  • Costume and/or skit content should not go beyond “PG-13”.
  • Offensive language of any kind is not allowed — no racial or sexual epithets; no profanity, etc.
  • No excessive violence.
  • No nudity.
  • No yaoi, yuri, or hentai.
  • Be clever, not crass! If you think your costume or presentation might be too risqué or offensive, it probably is.
  • No fire, flame, smoke, fog, dry ice, wind machines, lasers, pressurized gases or liquids.
  • No messy substances—wet, dry, or oily—at the backstage or onstage.
  • No jumping on or off stage—please use the officially designated stage entrances and exits.
  • All weapons must be peace-bonded and approved. Pointing weapons at anyone will NOT be tolerated.
  • Contestants are not allowed to use their stage time to make political, religious, insulting, or other demonstrations not related to their entry.
  • All decisions made by the organizers are final.

III.   Criteria for Judging

 Judging will be based on “Presentation” and “Workmanship”.

  • All participants will be given a 2-minute presentation time — either a walk-on or a traditional skit.
  • Each contestant will appear in only one stage performance.
  • While we appreciate costumes from other genres, MSI will prefer those costumes of gaming characters from Avatar Star and Dragon Nest. If your costume originates from any other genres, it may still qualify under the “Costrip Special Category”.

 Presentations will be judged based on the performance of the cosplayer.

Types of presentations:

  • Regular skit – Traditional skits in which the main activities include a character acting out a scene. Duration may be up to two (2) minutes.
  • Walk-on – quick presentation consisting of a few poses intended to show off a costume. Duration may be up to 40 seconds.
  • Pre-recorded music and dialogue are preferred and strongly encouraged, but not required.
  • Do not submit valuable original CDs. Bring backup copies of your audio to ensure it’s not lost. MSI is not responsible for damage to or loss of CDs or any other media, so please ONLY use “disposable” rewritable CDs rather than more valuable items.
  • Include the name of your contact person and entry name in the filename.
  • Clearly label CD with your name and skit title.
  • One track on CD is preferred; we cannot change tracks or start in the middle of a track.
  • We cannot play or rip music off portable MP3 players, such as iPods or cell phones.
  • Leave the stage as clean as it was when you set foot on it. Arrange to remove all items you brought on stage at the end of your presentation.
  • Don’t plan for complex lighting. The default lighting cue is: lights go up, music starts, you come on at stage right, you leave on stage left, music stops, lights go down.

 Costume Workmanship criteria are based on the following factors:


Overall Construction:

  • Use of materials, construction methods and durability.
    • Representation of your costume to the character design.
    • Skill in scale and body fit adaptation.
    • Resemblance to character shown in documentation
    • Use of appropriate or innovative methods and applications.
  • Extra points may be awarded at the judges’ discretion for construction done above and beyond the normal effort expected for a costume.

NOTE: Onsite cosplayers are welcome, subject to slot availability. Pre-registered cosplayers will be prioritized.

Catch Donnalyn Bartolome Sing Live on  MSI Beat-up 2013 @ SM North Edsa on august 30 and 31. She will be the co host of the event.


and also catch the Lovely Ambassadress of MSI Phil. MSKI BIANCAKE, so don’t miss the fun and the games.


Samsung Galaxy Gear Rumors

Samsung Galaxy Gear Rumors and Other News You Need to Know


Samsung’s smartwatch has been rumored to be named Galaxy Gear, but there haven’t exactly been concrete pointers towards the fact. Until now, that is, as a trademark filing has confirmed that name, indicating the watch will be a part of the Galaxy family, which isn’t surprising considering it will be a companion accessory for the company’s smartphones and tablets.


The Galaxy Gear is expected to sport model number SM-V700, if previous leaks are to be believed, and its (concept?) design was also revealed in a patent filing. It is expected to be unveiled on September 4 where Samsung will also be announcing the Galaxy Note III.

The Samsung smartwatch concept involves a 3.5 inch LCD extended screen and a 2 inch LCD watch mode screen. The device runs Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, it’s water resistant and comes with NFC, GPS, Bluetooth 3.0, S Voice and S Health. There’s also Facebook and Twitter integration and 4 days of battery life are provided here.


You can get microUSB charging and the Samsung Galaxy Gear will easily connect to your Samsung phone and tablet and interact with them. We’ve got a Menu and Back button included here, but I can’t tell if they’re capacitive or not. You can receive and respond to text straight from the watch and you can get the niftiest feature in S Health here: a pedometer. When extended, the device looks like a slimmer and longer phone. What do you make of it?

Basing their design on official leaks and patents, the folks of T3 came up with a very interesting mockup for the Samsung Galaxy Gear. The smartwatch is expected to be unveiled early next month at IFA 2013, but till then we’ve got this render and also the video below.


Following reports that the Galaxy Gear would be able to make phone calls, The Verge reported today that its sources say the watch will pair with smartphones and not work as a standalone phone with its own SIM card. Samsung Galaxy Gear official realese on october. The real question is.! How much??  😀

here’s a video of unofficial concept render

Sale Alert: SM Cyberzone Tech Sale

SM Supermalls launched a tech sale for the month of August and it promises to be the biggest tech sale yet from SM Cyberzone.   The sale is happening from August 15 to September 15, 2013.  The tech sale will be at the SM Cyberzone shops in SM malls nationwide.

The SM Cyberzone tech sale is an opportunity for buyers to get discounted prices on their favorite gadgets and tech items.  In addition to reduced prices, customers will be able to avail of BDO’s Buy Now Pay Later feature which allows them to avail of products at 0% interest. SM Cyberzone will have a wide selection of the latest gadgets including phones and laptops so whether you are a full-blooded techie, a hardcore gamer, or just an ordinary consumer looking for discounted electronic items, you may see something you like at the SM Cyberzone tech sale.


There will also be tech exhibits featuring top digital brands like Acer, Dell, HP, Microsoft and Samsung happening in the following malls:

  • SM City Clark – August 15 to 18
  • SM City Fairview – August 28 to 31
  • SM North EDSA – September 5 to 8
  • SM Megamall – September 10 to 13