Merrell Running Shoes


Merrell Running Shoes
“The M Connect Series”

   Merrell put our footwear and clothing through its paces and ultimately help us make better products for you. We share our new M-Connect Series line with the ‘who’s who’ of the outside community. Here is what they had to say. Make sure to check back regularly as we have heard more good news is on the way!

   These minimalist shoes were built with the outdoors in mind, which is obvious by the traction you can see just by looking at them. They have a more slender look and seem to merge what Merrell is known for (outdoor sport, hiking, and walking) with a barefoot running shoe.
   Even with a Vibram-rubber outsole covering its entire bottom, the Road Glove 2 remains surprisingly light. That’s because there’s very little else to this shoe. Your foot sits a mere 10.6 millimeters (less than 1/2 inch) away from the road surface—it’s the only true zero-drop shoe in this guide. That doesn’t leave much room for a cushy midsole, though testers say there’s enough padding to soften hard roads and protect against debris like rocks and sticks. The upper is so thin; you can see your socks through the mesh.
BOTTOM LINE: A firm and level platform, suited for runners with experience in minimal footwear.


   The new edition of the Merrell Bare Access is a complete overhaul of the original and mostly for the better. The coarse mesh upper with synthetic leather overlays has been exchanged for a two-layer mesh with plastic overlays. The midsole continues the zero drop tradition, but does have some slight structural changes that will be covered in more detail later. The most dramatic changes were made to the outsole. Vibram rubber hides a majority of the EVA midsole, while the coverage of its ancestor was limited to the high wear areas. This new generation puts the Bare Access in a good position to compete.

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7 thoughts on “Merrell Running Shoes

  1. I love the fact that Merrell selss affordable sports shoes. I will be needing a new pair as soon as I go back to the gym so thanks for this post. Type ko kasi yung 2nd pink shoes. Cute lang! 😀

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