bodivance: for advanced body performance

 BODIVANCE : for advanced body performance

 logo-bodivance (1)    Bodivance is a breakthrough in sports technology. It is an advanced thermogenic accelerator cream that when applied, creates a breathable barrier on the skin that works in two ways.

Firstly, it helps to insulate heat that builds up as muscles are activated. This warms up the muscles rapidly and ensures that workouts are maximized each time. A natural effect of this is the increase in perspiration which hastens the release of toxins through the pores of ones body.

Secondly, it promotes vasodilation. By helping to widen the blood vessels and improve blood circulation, muscles get more oxygen and nutrients. This increase in circulation dissipates lactic acid build-up, speeding up recovery time and allowing athletes to work out harder and longer. This same principle applies in helping those with sports-related injuries recover faster. Improved circulation can also relieve arthritis and rheumatism while reducing the presence of varicose veins.

  Bodivance is an anti-cramps cream. It also helps relieve muscle pains and burn fats.

An additional benefit of BODIVANCE is the ability to target slow-to-respond areas that retain fatty deposits such as the buttocks and thighs for women and the stomachs for men. During exercise, blood is drawn from these areas to the other parts of the body, leaving these areas cool and without circulation. As such, no matter how much one exercises, love handles, cellulite and fatty deposits are extremely hard to get rid of.

BODIVANCE is an all-natural formulation that creates a thermogenic effect on the applied areas. This increases the circulation to exercising muscles, resulting in a more effective workout. It also accelerates warm up and recovery time, making exercise easier while reducing the risk of aches, cramps and muscle pulls.

Optimize your workout every time with BODIVANCE.

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Bodivance Products


Bodivance 5ml Sachet – This easy-to-carry sachet can fit even the smallest of pockets. 5ml sachet is good for 2-3 uses. cost P55.00


Bodivance 5ml x 30 Sachet – You can use it for yourself or share it with the whole team. 30 pcs. per pouch. cost P1,500


Bodivance Pump Bottle – Comes in 80ml vacuum pump bottles each with a tamper-free nozzle tab. With an attractive and no wastage bottle design, each bottle can last for about one to one-and-a-half months on an average use of 3-4 times a week. cost P800.00

*Thermogenesis is the process by which heat energy is produced by the body through metabolism such as exercise and other physical activity. A thermogenic accelerator speeds up this process of heat energy production, allowing the body to utilize stored calories more rapidly. For optimum calorie burn in a workout, thermogenic action must be sustained without overheating the exercising muscles.

Where To Buy


  • TOBY’S SPORTS – GLORIETTA 23rd floor, Glorietta 2, Ayala Center, Makati City
  • CHRIS SPORTS – GLORIETTA 3 2nd Floor, Glorietta 3, East Drive Ayala Center (63)(2)818-6124, (63)(2) 818-6136
  • PLANET SPORTS INC. – GLORIETTA 3 Level 2 Glorietta 3, Ayala Center (63)(2)817-7896
  • THE ATHLETE’S FOOT – GLORIETTA 3 Level 2 Glorietta 3, Ayala Center (63)(2)752-7097
  • PLANET SPORTS INC. – ROCKWELLLevel 2 Power Plant Mall, Rockwell (63)(2)756-5007, (63)(2)898-7553


  • PLANET SPORTS INC. – VIRRA MALL GREENHILLS 2nd level V-Mall Greenhills Shopping Center (63)(2) 727-5985, (63)(2) 721-4704
  • TOBY’S SPORTS – GREENHILLS CENTER GF Connecticut Carpark Bldg., Greenhills Shopping Center (63)725-7112


  • THE ATHLETE’S FOOT – PARKADE (TAGUIG) Ground Floor, 2 Parkade, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
  • CHRIS SPORTS – MARKET MARKET – TAGUIG 4th Floor, Market! Market! McKinley Parkway (63)(2)886-7467, (63)(2)886-7468
  • THE SPORTS WAREHOUSE – MARKET MARKET Unit 450 4th Lvel Market2 Mall, Global City (63)(2)886-4011, (63)(2)886-6702
  • ROX – BONI HIGH STREET TAGUIGBonifacio High Street, B1 ROX Building (63)(2)567-0611, (63)(2)303-1234
  • THE BRICK MULTISPORTS STORE – MCKINLEY Unit 1, Woodridge Apartments, McKinley Hill (63)(2)985-4890
  • RUNNR – BONIFACIO HIGH STREETBldg. B3 Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City (63)(2) 403-1787
  • CHRIS SPORTS – BONIFACIO HIGH STREET G/F UNIT 2, Active Fun Bldg., 9th Ave., Cor. 28th St., City Center, Bonifacio Global City
  • FINIX FITNESS CENTER C219 2nd Floor Serendra, Bonifacio High Streets, Global City (63)(2) 576-3174
  • PLANA FORMA 6th floor jecoprime building 20th drive, Mc Kinley Business Park Fort Bonifacio (63)(2) 553-0870

also available in all TOBY’S Sports, TOBY’S Arena, Chris Sports & Athlete’s Foot nationwide.

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