Samsung Galaxy Gear Rumors

Samsung Galaxy Gear Rumors and Other News You Need to Know


Samsung’s smartwatch has been rumored to be named Galaxy Gear, but there haven’t exactly been concrete pointers towards the fact. Until now, that is, as a trademark filing has confirmed that name, indicating the watch will be a part of the Galaxy family, which isn’t surprising considering it will be a companion accessory for the company’s smartphones and tablets.


The Galaxy Gear is expected to sport model number SM-V700, if previous leaks are to be believed, and its (concept?) design was also revealed in a patent filing. It is expected to be unveiled on September 4 where Samsung will also be announcing the Galaxy Note III.

The Samsung smartwatch concept involves a 3.5 inch LCD extended screen and a 2 inch LCD watch mode screen. The device runs Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, it’s water resistant and comes with NFC, GPS, Bluetooth 3.0, S Voice and S Health. There’s also Facebook and Twitter integration and 4 days of battery life are provided here.


You can get microUSB charging and the Samsung Galaxy Gear will easily connect to your Samsung phone and tablet and interact with them. We’ve got a Menu and Back button included here, but I can’t tell if they’re capacitive or not. You can receive and respond to text straight from the watch and you can get the niftiest feature in S Health here: a pedometer. When extended, the device looks like a slimmer and longer phone. What do you make of it?

Basing their design on official leaks and patents, the folks of T3 came up with a very interesting mockup for the Samsung Galaxy Gear. The smartwatch is expected to be unveiled early next month at IFA 2013, but till then we’ve got this render and also the video below.


Following reports that the Galaxy Gear would be able to make phone calls, The Verge reported today that its sources say the watch will pair with smartphones and not work as a standalone phone with its own SIM card. Samsung Galaxy Gear official realese on october. The real question is.! How much??  😀

here’s a video of unofficial concept render


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