Greening NLEX advocacy

Greening NLEX  “67  varieties 20,000 tree’s” advocacy

MPTC President Ramon Fernandez led NLEX officials and employees along with a number of journalists in planting trees at the Pulilan Interchange last Saturday, August 17.

Around 1,000 seedlings of indigenous trees were planted during last Saturday’s activity, picking up from last month’s launch of “Greening the NLEX: 67 Varieties, 20,000 Trees” in celebration of MNTC chairman Manuel Pangilinan’s birthday.

The first 1,000 saplings were planted at the Sindalan Interchange in Mexico, Pampanga during the launch in July. The project intends to plant a total of 20,000 trees of 67 varieties on selected areas along the NLEX by February next year. This project was started 2007, they planted 35,000 tree’s along the entire strech of the NLEX..

MNTC has sought the participation of the media including editors, columnists, reporters and bloggers in tree planting in pulilan. The tollway company also invite other like-minded sector’s such as non-government organization (NGOs) and local government unit’s (LGUs) in the succeeding episode of the greening program.


With  MNTC vice president for technology and operations management Raul Ignacio, MNTC vice president for corporate communication Marlene Ochoa, Ron delos Reyes of Auto Review, Mon Fernandez and  Manila Standard Today Associate Editor Ray Enano.

522425_658984904112885_1508922223_nthis kid is amazing, one of the volunteer to plant tree at pulilan  interchange. “kung kaya ng matanda, kaya din ng bata” ,

Ms. Marlene Ochoa sad that the Greening the NLEX program is part of MNTC’s environmental advocacy, and a continuing commitment to maintain NLEX’s image as a world-class expressway.

Part of the effort is to maintain NLEX as the country’s premier expressway is to continually make it safe and clean, and the best way to keep the air clean is to plant as many tree’s as possible also tree planting  will not only contribute to fresher air along NLEX, but also to help control floods in the countryside as well. They will also add to beautiful countryside scenery and will greatly  benifit their stakeholders, particular the motorist and the community living near expressway.

An additional 3,00 tree saplings courtesy of the NLEX greening project are now taking roots at the CANDABA swamp reservation in candaba, pampanga

The MNTC also participated in the tree-planting program of the My.Arayat National Park, the Green Philippie Highway and the La Mesa Ecopark.


6 thoughts on “Greening NLEX advocacy

  1. great advocacy. I hope more people will learn how to take care of our environment since pollution really affects our surroundings. Just imagine of the flood that happens recently, people don’t realize if they take care more then it would not caused millions of misfortune.

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