Vector: Back 2 Basic


Vector: Back 2 Basic
A art vector of  a girl in front of my sit, actually its a drawing on a piece of the back of my notebook way back 2002 when i was in 3rd year high school. Also i don’t want to share it’ name for some reason because it’s a long time ago.

why did i draw her?
I like to draw many things and its my hobbies since i was a kid, this girl is my friend, classmate and he’s nice to me(and also she’s my crush  ^_~ ).

why did you make your drawing into vector art?
Simple because, the drawing in the notebook page is broken and almost faded to it’s original design, and i want to remain it’s memory when i was in high school. The drawing is way back, dec. 4,2002 when i was in 3rd Year High School.



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