Tutuban Center at 25

Twenty five years is “25” years. Thus, for any corporate establishment silver anniversaries are momentous milestones greeted with glamour and festivities, and Tutuban Center takes no exception, looking forward with excitement and anticipation as it continually strives to grow further the trust of Pinoy shoppers.


Looking ahead moving to its next 25 years. notwithstanding redevelopment plans in the pipeline, Tutuban Center took time on if the usual grand celebrations, choosing instead a simplistic yet meaningful observance of its anniversary, anchored on thanksgiving and sharing with the community.

Tutuban Center greeted February 21 with a blood-letting activity in partnership with the Philippine Red Cross, Its afternoon was highlighted by a thanksgiving mass participated by its tenants, service providers, other business partners and it’s very own employees. Closing the day’s celebration, in partnership with “Mode Elle” alongside the participating of selected tenants it held “Fashion for Compassion,” a fund-raising activity having as its beneficiaries “Tahan-Tahanan” and “Child Haus“.

Tahan-Tahanan” is a haven for cancer-stricken children and their familycoming from the provinces who seek treatment in Metro Manila hospitals. Similary, “Child Haus” provides temporary shelter for province-based indigent cancer patients.

Indeed, it’s silver milestone worth celebrating in the glitziest and most fabulous manner. But nobody said glitz and glamour can’t be meaningful and this year, Tutuban Center wants to make a difference.


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