Kiko Rustia presents: Dis is Pinas


Dis is pinas! a tv program that showcases the rich culture and history of the philippines. It will tell the stories that shaped our nation, and help us to remember the important events, places and people that made the country what it is now.

as the show brings to its viewer to appreciate the beauty and importance of nature. Fresh from his “Born To Be Wild” fame, Kiko Rustia will travel, around the country one province at a time in his pursuit of finding the historical and cultural significance of each town. also kiko and her sister’s together with KIK Off Production are producing his 1st show not only just a host but also a producer.

Segment line up:

Kiko’s Journal
On The Spot
Pinoy Throwback
Off The Record

also they will be a some Q & A each and after every segment. so you must stay tuned to know about the show and to know the answer in their question.

The Pilot Episode in his thirst for knowledge, his 1st venture is to know more about his ancestral town, kiko will travel back to ilocos and tell the viewers about the place and new discoveries.


Dis Is Pinas will be airing every Saturday starting on April 5, 2014
11:30 am to 12:00 noon on GMA NewsTV Channel 11


you can follow them to know more about DIS IS PINAS

Facebook: disis.pinas
Twitter: @disis_pinas
Instagram: @disispinas


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