PDA and Sensodyne “Say No To Ngilo” Advocacy


9 out of 10 Filipinos suffe from pangingilo, and majority just endure and settle with the pain.
“Say no to ngilo” advocacy campaignwhere dentist, consumer and Sensodyne come together to enjoin everyone to heed the call to take action to no longer endure the pain of pangingilo.


Finally, we can put a stop to this daily discomfort in our lives. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), in collaboration with Philippine Dental Association (PDA), is embarking on the advocacy to fight against sensitive teeth (pangingilo) in the ” Say No To Ngilo” Campaign, This remarkable commitment extends beyond a mere information campaign and toward proactive efforts to improve oral health care. Including to help 2,000 dentist who havecommitted to the fight against dentine hypersensitivity through educating their patients on proper oral hygiene.




GSK/Sensodyne is dedicated to creating a future where very filipino to sensitive-free. Sensodyne provides clinically proven relief and daily protection for sensitive teeth.


Campaign advocate Luis Manzano is all-too familiar withe perils of pangingilo, being a sensitive teeth sufferer himself.
“When i started using Sensodyne, it made a big difference in my life! I don’t worry anymore about my sensitive teeth when i interact anything i want. No more pagtitiis, no more pangingilo!” – Luis Manzano


For more product info log on http://sensodyne.com.ph


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