Road to 2015 Rugby World Cup : Volcanoes vs Sri Lanka


At this time, philippines pride the Philippine Volcanoes are in rest right now and going to back for the training next week before they left the country for the second half of the Asian 5 Nations series in colombo on May 17. After taking on asia’s heavyweights Hongkong (IRB Rank 25) and Japan (IRB Rank 13) the Philippine Volcanoes (IRB Rank 56) will regroup to prepare for the second half of the competition, the 2014 Asian 5 Nations (A5N) tournament. The 2nd year of the volcanoes in the premium division of asia’s elite rugby tournament, where the top 2 teams will win a spot in the 2015 Rugby World Cup in England next year.


The volcanoes will need to fight hard to overcome an improved Sri Lanka team, both teams are looking for they first win in 2014 A5N series. The volcanoes have returning 5 new fresh players on may 17 match against Sri Lanka. 5 new players, 5 new fresh legs that i think volcanoes advantage in this match.

Also Philippine Volcanoes will compete in 17th Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea on September 29 to October 2 this year.

 Live Streaming video of philippine volcanoes vs sri lanka (TBA)

for more updates on Philippine Volcanoes, you can see it only here at: or
Twitter: @PhilippineRugby





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