Gundam Model Kit 2014 at SM North Edsa Cyberzone

Bandai and Toy kingdom launched the Gundam Model kit 2014 at the 4th Floor Cyberzone of SM City North Edsa. this event is run from May 10-18.


at the event some there a promo where you can buy Gundam Limited Collectible toy’s at affordable price. Also there’s a event that you can join your Gundam Action Figure and detailing contest.


These are some of the Gundam from Action Figure Contestant Model





Gundam Wing


RX-78 v2

RX-78 v2





SAM_3120 i tried their gundam detailing contest. they will be giving you a Gundam kit which you will be build and detailed in 1 hour. its a free you dont need to purchase. the gundam is yours when you finish it within an hour, but you need to display it until 6pm of the day for the detailing contest. 6pm they will be announcing the winner of the detailing category. Then after that you may take home your master piece gundam.



Gundam kit fresh from the box with the cutter and pen for detailing.



after 10 minutes of cutting and fixing almost done with the parts up next detailing.


after another 10 minutes im done with my Gundam with detailing. I detail my gundam with some scratches and damage from war.


my Masterpiece Gundam Age 1 scale:1/100   some scar from battle detailing


top view of my master piece, he came from a battle


this are the entry’s of sunday detailing event. Actually you can’t see my gundam cause im on the back, i am the last participant of the day #120.

you can go to the Gundam Model Kit 2014 event. the event is until sunday May 18.




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