Manila Market Tour



A sunny day around manila, a Tour to the market area of old Manila and get a taste of a true Filipino culture. All kinds of merchandise from local medicine herbs, birds, flowers, candles, statues, clothing, fruits etc. can be all found here.

A tour will give visitors a glimpse of the vibrant part of the Manila streets and discover the infamous Chinatown and see how Filipino cuisine is deeply fused with old Chinese recipes and traditions.


first we go to Quiapo Church. it was friday (quiapo day) so we expect that theirs a lot of people inside and outside quaipo church. We didn’t go inside the church because their’s a mass and a lot of  devotee.





medicine herbs


different candles for different prayers

birds selling man

birds selling man



Outside the church a lot of thing’s to buy from sampaguita to saint’s figure, rosary and other religious item.  There is also a booth that selling candles which you can lighten candle.



Fortune Teller waiting for customer

On the other side of the street a lot of people waiting for customer. they are the Fortune-Teller. Many of people go here to see their future, carrier’s even lovelife and work abroad as well. The fortune-teller says they see the future in the card’s either good or bad.



the guy on the black (right side) looking for souvenier


Some of the items at the souvenir shop in quiapo under quezon blvd. bridge


Across the street under the Quezon Blvd Bridge, a hidden place that i discover, it’s a souveneir haven place. a lot of things to buy with the locally made product’s all over the philippine’s. and one thing that i see here is the a toy you cant see/buy anywhere.



Our next top The muslim community and TheManila Golden Mosque in quiapo area. This Golden mosque is the largest mosque in metro manila.



before you go inside the vicinity of the mosque you need to get a permission from the administration.



we didn’t go inside the mosque because we are not allowed to go their just in the side to see what our muslim brotherhood do inside their mosque.


doing their rituals/pray inside the golden mosque (top) man reading quran (muslim bible) bottom.





one thing that muslim do before they go inside the mosque is they left their footwear outside to keep the mosque clean.



Some of the items where you can buy outside the golden mosque, i forget the name of the spies (like spring onion on top) they make this as dipping sauce in their dishes.  Also one of their specialty the Grilled Yellow Fin Tuna and the hat wear by the muslim men modeled by miss nympha of Smokey Tour.


We also go to Bahay Nakpil in bautista just a few streets away from manila golden mosque still in quiapo area. this is one of the historic house in manila,  a recognized architectural masterpiece, a nationally significant historical site, a center for community activities and urban revitalization, a forum for nation-building, and a platform for projecting Filipino art and culture. You can visit the Bahay Nakpil from monday to saturday 8am to 5pm, reminisce the history of our national hero. Bahay Nakpil has a entrace fee of 80php per person and a discount of 30php for a group of 10 and up.



sta.cruz church and plaza sta cruz


after bahay nakpil, we go straight to sta.cruz  for the binondo tour part of manila market tour. this is sta cruz church one of the historic church in manila. this church is in front of china town arc in binondo.



fried siopao


will walking around binondo, we see a lot of people buying on a store, they all wanted to buy a fried siopao so we also tried their special siopao. eating siopao is never been this great. this is one of a kind siopao you didn’t need to have the sauce because it’s full of flavor inside. you can enjoy this fried siopao for only 17php per piece.


 along binondo street their is an altar when you can pray and light up incense.


see cucumber at 1000php per kilo

Along Caravajal Street vendors selling fruits and Chinese delicacies can be seen from Black Chicken and Sea Cucumber, along it is also Chinese groceries, Noodle Houses and Snack houses.


san lorenzo luis church also known as binondo church

Binondo Church was built in 1596, it is one of the oldest places of Christian Worship. The Church is home to the Our Lady of China and in-front of the church, Plaza San Lorenzo Ruiz  is named after a Filipino-Chinese saint, St. Lorenzo Ruiz.



In front of binondo church you can find a transportation only in manila you can find it’s called Kalesa. this kalesa is old style but still unique means of transportation. if your going to manila specially in binondo don’t missed to ride the kalesa.



girl fell asleep will waiting for his halo halo LOL



walking from binondo church to escolta under the heat we pass by a vendor of  halo halo just in time we were looking for a something cold. This is not your usual halo halo that you can buy in your favorite store. this halo halo is consist of 4 fresh seasonal fruits.


avocado mango melon and banana (saba)

avocado, mango, melon and banana (saba) is the main ingredients of this Halo Halo just perfect for this summer season.

 And at the last part of the tour is the escolta street where you can find historic building’s this street is the business district of manila before makati and ortigas came. The street is home to several fine examples of early skyscraper design in the Philippines. you can find well known building here like Regina Building, Burke Building and Calvo Building the location of the first radio studio of DZBB-AM before the transferring of the DZBB studio in GMA Network Center  along EDSA corner Timog Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City.

 the end of the tour is back again to sta cruz church cor. escolta st. This is the places you can visit within the manila with the help of our Tour Guide Ms.Nympha of Smokey Tours. the tour is around 2 -3 hours.

for more info you can contact them at 



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