phil. and the comet at Mabuhay Restop


A night with Ms. Earth Philippines 2013 winners and The Comet Jeepney visit at  Mabuhay Restop Travel Cafe & Meseum in Manila (near manila oceans’s park and quirino grandstand).



Mabuhay Restop promotes the Philippine cultural heritage through food, tours, shows, art and other attractions as well. we are lucky that we are invited on a dinner with the top 4 winner’s of 2013 Miss Earth Philippines.



Also their have a show called Manila Vanilla a philippine pop culture entertainment that brings the family and friends the newest showcase of philippine are and culture.


    Manila Vanilla show sing’s filipino song’s like Mamang Sorbetero and other cultural filipino song like harana, they add some punchline to their scene.



They also highlight the show with different cultural folk dance of the philippines. This is one of the famous filipino folk dance called maglalatik . Look that young boy how he dance like a man, many of filipinoes didn’t know how to dance maglalatik.




Ms. Earth philippines 2013 on stage,  a surprise participant’s from the audience assisted Manila Vanilla. They were trying to dance the famous filipino folk dance the Tinikling. each one of them will try and show their hidden tallent in dancing tinikling.




After the funfastic Manila Vanilla show, Ms. Earth Philippines 2013 took some photos and ride at the first jeep powered by electricity the  ” COMET jeepney”


beautiful queens inside th comet jeep









hope that this Comet Jeep will seee on the road, this is more efficient and lesser the polution. this comet is made of carbon material, it also has a tv for the commuter to enjoy watching while riding comet jeepney.



Mabuhay Restops is an one stop shop were you can buy souvenir and taste the good filipino cuisine. all  are invited here to  taste of  the true Philippine culture!. also for the  foreign friends who are looking for a taste of our countries food and culture, the Mabuhay Restop is a good place for them to get to know more.


Ms., Philippines earth 2013 winners with ms. Rose Isada Cabrera and the very talented kid.. sorry i forget his name.



For more information you can check them on their website  and official Facebook Fan Page for updates at


some photo’ credit to mr. Ronnie Cruz Bernardo , ms. Bernadette Mae Aguirre II and Mabuhay Restop Travel Cafe and Museum.


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