Uno Magazine Swimsuit Collection Autograph Signing

SAM_3676   UNO Magazine’s weather forecast for the summer: It’s going to be scorching hot, sexy and awesome all at once. And it’s not going to be because of the sun or the beach. It’s because of the collector’s mag we have lovingly prepared for the rainy days ahead. ” UNO’S 2014 Swimsuit Special!”

Manila’s temperature hitting thirty-six degrees?  Please!!. That’s winter compared to not one, nor two,but FOUR cover girls that we have. Ryza Cenon, Danica Torres, Aubrey Miles and Mercedes Cabral each get a solo cover so good it’s going to melt your face off. But wait, there’s more! Inside you’ll find more hotties in bikinis gracing our pages,  Jacq Yu, Kookai Sarmiento, Georgina Knight, and Emerie Cunanan and it’s going to be no mean feat tearing your eyes away from those toned bodies. Spectacular, mind-blowing and sinfully delicious, UNO Magazine’s Swimsuit Special will guarantee that your summer never ends.

Sizzling hot saturday afternoon, UNO Magazine’s cover girls Aubrey Miles and Mercedez Cabral with Emmerie Cunanan join in  Uno Magazine  at Hotter Summer Nights 7 in Sm Mall Of Asia Concert Ground for the autograph signing of the latest Uno Magazine’s The Swimsuit Collection.



my magazine autograph by mercedez cabral



Aubrey Miles with my sign uno magazine


Emerie Cunanan busy signing my magazine

Emerie Cunanan busy signing my magazine


     This beautiful lovely scorching hot cover girls makes the HSN7 event more hottier. This is the hottest summer ever. At the back stage some sort of conversation and photo opportunity with Ms. Mercedez Cabral and Ms. Emerie Cunanan.


very sexy mercedez cabral



sizzling hot Emerie Cunanan


Pick up the UNO swimsuit special that’s sure to get your temperatures, and more, rising,

in a very, very good way.


you can grab your UNO magazine in  all leading bookstores and magazine stands nationwide. so grab your copy now

for UNO Magazine updates you can follow them on

twitter: @UNOmag

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IG: UNOmagazine



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