EO255 Run to support Filipino Music


Sunday Morning at Greenhills Shopping Center ground, a run to support filipino music. I was invited by a friend to run that 5k distance, after a year without run now im going back to the track. I dont think i can able to finish the race like before. When i was still a fit and well train .

Run for Executive Order 255, a run to support the EO255 way back corazon aquino’s term to play atlease four OPM Song’s every hour. The funrun was supported by friends from different organization, also the officer’s of the OPM (Organisasiyon ng mga Pilipinong Mangaawit) Gary V. , Christian Bautista, Ogie Alcasid, Mitch Valdez, Jose Mari Chan, Julie Ann San Jose and Noel Cabangon are present here.



opm hit makers joining the run


a jam-packed of fun run participants to join this advocacy run. They wake up so early to join and participant in this event, waking up early is not so easy especially to this very busy celebrities also to those who are from far location. Two thumbs up for all of you.




The singer composer, Mr. Joser Mari Chan leads the gun start of the fun run.  Mr. Ogie Alcasid at the back look scared.

mr jose mari chan

mr jose mari chan



after the gun start all runner’s are excited to run, the guy on the yellow shirt mr. victor cruz of Philippine Barefoot Runner’s aiming for a good time and for a podium finish.






a group of cheerer singing and dancing  opm song’s to hype the runner’s and boost their strength to push their limit until they reached to the finish line.



  Mr. Pure Enery Gary V. enjoying his 5k run, he record his run with his sport’s cam.


after the race you can get your free energy drink from the booth of Circle K Convenient Store


Mr. Pure Energy entertained the crowd with his sing and dance step


gary v. sing and dance with fans, a electrifying performance  we enjoy at  e0255 fun run



      hoping for a part 2 this year or next year. congratulation to all finisher and podium winner’s. I still able to finish the race after a year without a train or a run, also i dont have sleep before the run and have a twisted ankle for a week but still happy about the race and the performance of the OPM icon. Please dont stop to make beautiful opm songs, where just here to support and listen to your song’s.


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