Hack The Climate manila part 1


Last June 6 to 8, Dlsu CSB and Princeton Univ. joined forced to make a event against the climate change, it’s called Hack the Climate: Manila. A hackathon event tageting for a 56 hours continues hacking not to  make a cybercrime but to help saving earth and teach people how to protect our nature, save earth and fight climate change by creating an apps.

This 3 day event is the longest hackathon in the philippine’s and the official entry for the guinness world of records for the longest hackathon. A lot of student’s join this 3 day event from different school like dlsu, csb ust and other universities and colleges.



Jacob Scheer, TJ Resabal and Miguel Lachanski

Jacob Scheer and Miguel Lachanski reached out to DLS-CSB to host Hack-The-Climate after winning a US $10,000 grant from Davis Projects for Peace, a prize awarded to college students with project ideas that contribute to world peace. Working with a team of Filipino tech specialists headed by Diego Jose Ramos.


Diego Ramos

Also their have some speakers from different organization/company to talk about their advocacy and to have the participant some idea’s on want topic they want to make.




Miss Gina Lopez of ABS CBN talks about the mining and it makes to our islands and her advocate to get 10 Million signature against the Mining in our countries ecosystem. The real thing is miner’s for what? they destroy mountains, forest and even their own life. why? miner’s get minerals from mining then sell it on the other country. the boss/rich become more richer but the people who work become more poorer. they didn’t notice that they destroy the mountain but also they livelihood, farms and even water as well.



let’s help this advocacy..



Chicka offered the free API  just for the EcoHacktivist to help them on their target apps. this API is very helpful specially for does who doesn’t have idea on what should they add on there apps.




All in all they are 40 EcoHacktivist Team from different school, the most number of participant are from DLSU- College of Saint Benilde. At Day 1 most of the group are already have idea on what are they going to do.



Participant’s taking note’s some of the important messages from the guest speaker’s that they needed on they programs/apps.







     Most of the particpants take a nap and sleep over CSB for convenient of the other student’s who are from far location’s. On Day 3, Hack The Climate Manila organizer’s serve’s a buffet lunch for all the participant’s. a early treats for the people who are still here after 2 days. still doing there best to help against the climate change.








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