Jeepney Tours goes Intramuros


Last June 13, me and friend blogger’s took a jeepney cruise from makati.. a jeepney cruise going to intramuros from jeepney tours. this jeepney is look ordinary outside. when you first saw it, it’s just your typical  jeepney with a colorful design. But when you get inside the jeep you will be amazed.



The captain of our ship, the driver wearing cultural filipino dress.  what i really like the most is he always smile and greet at all, that is one of the manners of all filipino.  Also the jeepney is fully air-conditioned  and can accommodate up to 20 person.




And the most best part of this tour is you can sing and enjoy the traffic while singing on videoke inside the jeepney.  So now we believe is the that ” Traffic is more fun in the philippines” .




Ms.Clang Garcia of Jeepney Tours


We also stop over at Luneta park to take some photo’s with the Jeepney Tour’s Jeep, other’s go outside to take some photo’s but other stay to sing.





My fellow bloggers enjoying inside and out of jeepney tour’s. Taking photo’s or sing along with the videoke.











crystal feel’s like a concert queen



videoke king



From luneta we go straight to intramuros, the jeepney stop in front of  San Agustin Church and look who we met mr. Carlos Celdran entertaining  some foreigner’s with his  historic tour.




But that is not part of our tour, we just accidentally see Mr. Celdran there. We go to intramuros just for the famous  resto called Barbara’s heritage restaurant.



Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant not only serve delicious filipino dishes but also a good heritage show about our cultural dance’s specially tinikling.






     One of the guest who tried to dance the philippine national dance  ” TINIKLING” .














Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant some of the famous dishes served to us, Perfectly enjoying the food while watching cultural dance’s. It feels like im on a grade school when im studying does kind of dance’s from school.




Uno Summer Salad



Beef Caldereta



Chicken Adobo



Lumpiang Shanghai


Fish Fillet

Fish Fillet


After the delicious and very historic dinner. we go back to the jeepney going back to makati, most of us go early on the jeep not because they bored or fell asleep but because they want to sing on the videoke. while on the road heading back to makati they give us a ice cold beer perfect while singing. (sorry for blurred photo).










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