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Last june 17, tuesday night me and my fellow bloggers gather for an special event. A treat for spa and skin care salon along Boni Ave. near Mandaluyong City Hall.


I am one of the lucky bloggers who will try the thai skin care from Suay Skin. Suay Skin, suay is a thai word means beautiful. Suay skin is beautiful skin.

   Suay Skin started last 2011 and now years and counting Suay Skin has already 11 branches, including their main branch here in boni ave.



Why skin care is important?

As of today a lot of pollution gather when going outside of home. Sometimes taking bath is not enough to rinse away the dirt and polution from day to day activities. Some of us, having allergy or pimple’s because of this pollution’s that’s why a lot of spa/skin care offer services to cure this problems, but the problem is most of us think that having spa is expensive and only rich people can only afford it, but that’s all wrong. Having spa is not just forrich peoples, you can afford a good quality services with suay skin. Suay skin offered a skin care at very affordable and reasonable price.

As you look to their services menu, the first thing you will notice is the price is much cheaper compare to other skin care clinic.

Yes the price is cheap, so im thinking about, how about their services?? So i try their two services the Salt grow body scrub and sauna. Actually it is the first time to enter a skin care/spa so i am a little bit shy. inside the spa is a quiet and surrounded with dim lights with relaxing ambiance. this place is such a very peaceful and relaxing, such a stress reliever place.


At first we do the Salt Grow Body Scrub, a dead sea salt gently exfoliates dead skin and refine, leaving the skin soft and smooth. this body scrub also infused with olive oil, sweet almond oil and butter.  This body scrub was so enjoying all you have to do is lay down, relax and enjoy while scrubbing your body.I badly need a body scrub since I cannot reach for my back. While scrubbing i almost feel asleep, it feels like doing massage while scrubbing. so i think it’s a two in one service. Scrubbing and massage. It took’s 15 minutes to scrub me all over. the spa attendant has a scrubbing gloves and she used generous amount of Dead Sea Salt. then she gave me a towel and asked me to have a shower.


Infrared Sauna

      After shower it’s time for 30 minute’s sauna. The one in the picture in the right is their sauna. it’s not actually the sauna that’s in my mind, i thought it’s a sauna bath. Having a sauna has a lot of benefit’s physically or emotional. It also makes you feel looking and feeling better, not to mention the body that function’s more efficiently. This sauna uses infrared heater technology to fully enhance your sauna experience. Having a sauna that generates far-infrared wavelengths is important because they can enhance sweating efficiency. And deep sweating is the key to benefits such as relief from daily stress, muscle relaxation, and skin cleansing.


What can you do inside the sauna for 30 minute’s?

You can listen to the music with this newest sauna booth technology that has a radio/music equip on it, you can also read magazine or sit and concentrate like you doing a yoga.

In the 1st 10 minutes your body adjust to the temperature, at that first minutes it’s not that heat but when time goes by it’s getting hotter and hotter. the next 20 minute’s is sweating like you came from a shower. but still i manage to stay calm and enjoy the sauna for 30 minute’s. After sauna i go for a quick shower again to refresh my body. After showering, she asked me to lay down again for the lotion. It was a very new experience for me, it feels like a new me, very light feeling and i really enjoyed it. i think i will go for a body scrub and sauna at lease once a month.


The price of the body scrub and sauna only cost P550.00 . much cheaper compare to other.




Suay Skin care win’s a lot of award last 2012. including the aesthetic and skin care clinic of the year by quality brand philippines.

for inquiries you may contact them thru 654-7723 / 09065883982 / 09294535171 or on






They also have a milk tea store beside Suay Skin, its called “kai cha” a lot of flavors to choose, from their specialty milk tea to smoothies. the kai cha is just a 1 year old but it has already a 5 branches nationwide.


Also they have the spa for those who need massage and relax their body, they have a spa called Thai Royale Spa just in front of the Suay Skin. Thai Royale Spa is a 24 hours open. it offers foot and body massage and also they specialty the Thai body massage. Thai Royale Spa is accredited by DOH Massage Therapy, Tesda and wellness organization worldwide.


Thai Royale Spa is now open for Franchasing you can contact them at 584-8424 / 09173466953 / 09081781746 or at


Kai Cha , Thai Royale Spa and Suay Skin are sister company.   The person behind this 3 successful business store is Ms. Kate.

if you have any questions regarding the services or for franchasing you may contact them at

Suay Skin: 654-7723 / 09065883982 / 09294535171

Thai Royale Spa : 5838424 / 09173466953 / 09081781746

Kai Cha Milk Tea : 2111629  / 09178529644


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