FILA Meet and Greet at glorietta and SM MoA

Last June 22, Fila together with the Philippine Volcanoes, Ms. Tessa Prieto Valdez and Fabio Ide visit Fila Glorietta and SM Mall Of Asia for a meet and greet, autograph signing  weekend for the Fila and ambassador fans.

A jam packed afternoon for Fila Glorietta in Makati city, Fila store is full of  FILA lover’s and fans from inside and out FILA store.


at FILA Glorietta

at FILA Glorietta

Fans fall in line to see have an autograph from their idol’s. Fila expect to have a lot of fans to come but not that huge as the line almost near mall entrance (near landmark).

Volcanoes are game on picture taking from their fans. They are happy that their fans not just supporting them when playing but also on their meet and greet  fans day.



Fabio Ide sign this brand new shoes for this boy. I don’t know if this boy will wear this shoes or he keep it as a souvenir from his idol.


The very energetic gentlemen Fabio ide, taking selfie with his fan, just here at the selfie capital of the world the  Makati city.




Outside of FILA Glorietta Branch is still a lot of people awaiting for their chance to meet with their idol. Other people fall in line but their didn’t know why are they fall in line..



After that warm welcome at Glorietta, we go to our next venue at FILA branch in SM Mall Of Asia in pasay city. this is the actual video when we arrived, the ambassadors are not here yet.



And this is the actual photo after they arrived at the FILA SM Mall Of Asia, all are excited to see the ambassador’s .




After the Meet and Greet others are try to buy some items specially shoes, the girl who buy a brand new shoes at FILA signed by Fabio Ide just for him.





spotted shoe buyer’s from FILA Moa, Fila Shoes, apparel and bags are all year on sale.



This couple  buy a FILA Shirt and fall in line to sign by philippine volcanoes, ms. tessa and fabio ide.






Jake  of philippines volcanoes take photo’s with one of the blogger mac vasquez at FILA mall of asia.



Fabio Ide signing my limited edition fila fan. Thank you FILA, Philippine Volcanoes, Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdes and Fabio Ide for this wonderful gift.



Team Fila are happy to see those who support them inside and outside playing court or even on tv. more power to FILA.



here is my video about what happen in last FILA meet and greet.

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