My ToyCon Experience

Last June 20 to 22 at Megatrade Hall of SM Megamall in mandaluyong, toy enthusiast, toy collector’s and cosplayer’s gather in another big event in his 13th year. The 13th philippine Toy Convention.   toycon-2014   I came in this event on Day 2 at 11 am, but the crowd is starting to become big, as the collectors, exhibitor’s and vendor’s are excited on the second day. Also this year we celebrate the 75 anniversary of batman. i really didn’t know that batman is 75 years old now. Image So a lot of toy collection of batman are display here in this 3 day event. This are the example of Batman Action Figure that are display to public. ImageImage ImageImageImage Also the clothes were used in the first movie of  Rurouni Kenshin are displayed here in ToyCon all the way from Japan. As they promote for their upcoming 2 movies of  rurouni kenshin this 3rd quarter of 2014. Image

the  one who wear by kenshin in the movie


coat of Captain Shinomori of Shoguns hidden spy.


Sanusuke Sagara fighting suit,

      On Day two, Ryza Cenon heats up the night for UNO Magazine autograph signing featuring her on the cover photo of swimsuit collection.


    An special gift from the beautiful ms.ryza cenon of UNO, an magazine with an autograph specially for me. On the other side of megatade hall the booth of Alodia with an meet and greet experience for their fans. Her booth was surrounded by fans and event marshal’s to secure that everyone will be ok. Unfortunately i only got this one clear photo of alodia because of to many people around her booth to see the cosplay goddess.


 On the Day 3 of ToyCon a lot of Toy store are lower their price and some of the limited edition items are displayed to sale. One of the store that having a huge number collectibles items on Jae Collection store.


      As you see on the picture, this is limited edition spider-woman action figure selling by JAE collections store at 20,000php. Image

      The limited edition avenger’s action figure set of 4 at the price of 65,000php that’s a huge a lot of money at that price you can buy and own a brand new motorcycle.



     On the other store, this bigboys collection store, is also having a number of items to choose. They started collecting as a hobby but now, they are selling collectibles items too.


We are also have our own collectible toys, with this limited edition eraserheads figures. it was really amazing that not just superheroes and other action figures can be find here, but also our famous local bands. you can buy eraserheads collectibles at the price of 2,500 for the set of 4.


      There are also a booth where you can find filipino comic artist, these are group of 5 from a university join together for this event. They can draw on the spot, or they can make a customized superhero with you face on it.Image

   This guy is doing a on the spot drawing of catwoman. he is very creative even without copying.ImageImage

    Also at Day 3 another exciting event is much awaited from UNO Magazine, The autograph signing of gorgeous Roxee B. for her UNO Magazine cover for the month of June-July 2014.


     And yes for the second time, i am lucky to have a autograph sign magazine by Roxee B. on the day 3 of the ToyCon. SAM_5560 After that sizzling hot autograph signing, i continue to look around and see the display collection. This is some of the photo of toy’s in 2014 ToyCon. SAM_5248 SAM_5250 SAM_5254   SAM_5257 SAM_5266 SAM_5283 SAM_5306 SAM_5307 SAM_5325 SAM_5388 SAM_5495 SAM_5505 SAM_5511 SAM_5514 SAM_5255 SAM_5261 SAM_5293 SAM_5301 SAM_5501 SAM_5304  SAM_5253







This is my toycon experience, i really enjoy this event. I love toy’s and i recall my childhood when i was so addicted to toys. It was a really awesome and memorable weekend. Hoping to see you again next year. More power to ToyCon philippines.


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