FilaPhilippines Team up with ATAT Racing Team

art Fila Philippine’s discover another possibilities to encourage people to another kind of sport’s and teach them the proper way of biking. ATAT Racing Team partnered with Fila Philippines. ART (ATAT Racing Team) is the racing division of ATAT (Any Time All The Time) Motorcycle Club. Aiming to uplift Philippine Motorsports and promote safe riding. ATAT was founded on friendship in 2002 when three long-time friends Kiko Bernardo, Teddy Lim and Elton Ong decided to get together after realizing their passion for motorbikes. 1907736_332948293525499_2650557653957499516_n Now going on to its 12th year, ATAT Motorcycle Club has established itself as one of the premier motorcycle clubs in the philippines. At present, the club has 24 members and despite their busy schedules, their friendship has evolved into a deep sense of camaraderie and a brotherhood of passionate riders. ART (ATAT Racing Team) is the racing division of ATAT (Any Time All The Time) Motorcycle Club. Yes! they do motorbiking even on heavy rainfall or even a typhoon. All of them uses european motorbikes like DUCATI and Theres Aprilla bikes.


Jay Carion of ATAT Racing Team

      ATAT promotes safe riding not only for the superbikers but also to the rider’s who are driven small motorcycles specially when riding on the public road Mr. Jay Carrion. “We didn’t race on the public road but we do on the race circuit. We spent 30,000php to 60,000php per week for the maintenance, gas , hotel accommodation and food. But how much we earn if we win a race? It’s not that big, it’s just a 5,000 pesos. Winning is not just about money, it’s to earn the title, it’s not just a hobby, it’s a fashion we love” added by Jay Carrion.

    ATAT Racing Team is not build just to enjoy and encourage other to race but also to teach the people to the proper used of safety gear’s and proper safety riding. – Lester Codog of Foil A Car | Team Manager .

SAM_6531   SAM_6542 The launching has become more colorfull with celebrity like Fabio Ide and asia’s next top model Katarina Rodriguez. ATAT and Fila also raffled 10 Pairs of Fila Shoes GC, 3 Techno Marine watch100,000+ worth of items from Foil A Car services courtesy of Lester Codog and 100+ bottles of vodka from Ralph’s wines and spirits. SAM_6580   The night was filled of fun and happiness not just for ATAT Racing Team but also to the people who join this event. It’s not just the celebration of ATAT and FILA partnership but also we celebrate the birthday of the lovely president of FILA Philippines Ms. Cris Alberts. SAM_6606 Ms. Albert birthday celebration was night full of music as Ms.Pops Fernandez sing’s on stage with Ms. Albert. SAM_6625    All the way from FHM event, Ms. Ruffa Mae Quinto prepare some song and few dance performance to entertained the audience.  

important tips: 0 Safety is the important thing when riding a motorcycle, proper attire and gears. Most of us didn’t know how important it is, In Philippine Orthopedic Center in Banawe, Qc. 60% of the patient there are cause of motorcycle accident even minor or major accident. The saddest part of it is there’s a bone fracture the doctor need to put up a brace to support the broken part. They use drill’s to put up the the brace. I already encounter this one when a friend of mine rushes to orthopedic because of broken tight’s due to slept on the wet floor. That’s why i have a fobia to drive a motorcycle.   Congratulation to FILA and ATAT Racing Team for this event and another mileage to both of them. with the help of FILA marketing Team lead by Ms. Cherry Burwell.   Followed Fila and ATAT at: Fila on Facebook ATAT Racing Team Fb Page more photos will uploaded at :  


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