Xiaomi has launched another device today to compete with other wearable fitness trackers. The new Xiaomi Mi Band is a no-frills fitness band for approximately just Php550!

   Available in wrap-around and leather stylish options, the Xiaomi Mi Band features trackers for monitoring your exercise and sleeping routines. It can also function as an alarm clock and smartly wakes you up based on your sleep cycle. IP67-certified for water resistance, this device can also unlock your Mi smartphone without a password.

Xiaomi Mi Band

   Unlike many other wearable smart devices, the Xiaomi Mi Band can last up to one month of standby on a single charge. We can also expect this to last for quite a while on active use, given that there’s no LED display that would’ve drained the battery.

Xiaomi Mi Band styles

The Mi Band features include the following: 

  • Fitness monitor & sleep tracker
  • Sleep-cycle smart alarm
  • Unlocks your Mi phone without a password
  • 30-day standby power
  • Water resistant (IP67)
  • Wrist band options (including wrap-around and leather)

[Source: Xiaomi Philippines]


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