JORDAN Brand brings to life the iconic Hanamichi Sakuragi


The legendary Sakuragi story continues with new “Slam Dunk” arton special-edition shoes. Playing for a CauseThe Air Jordan XX9 Takes FlightJordan Brand Football Athletes Don Air Jordan VI Cleats to Start the Season.


During the ‘90s, the game of basketball experienced rapid globalization. Basketball fans around the world tuned in to watch the top talent in the game. Michael Jordan became the face of the basketball surge, rising to global super-stardom and inspiring a legion of fans — including Japanese manga artist, Takehiko Inoue.


In 1990, Inoue introduced the world to the fictional Hanamichi Sakuragi  the protagonist in his popular “Slam Dunk” manga series. Sakuragi began as an outcast at his high school with a reputation for causing trouble. After a girl rejected him, he tried out for the basketball team, where he showcased his natural athleticism and helped turn his previously unknown high school team into an all-star contender in Japan.


“I have been hugely inspired by Michael Jordan’s game, as well as his attitude. It’s been a great honor to have this opportunity,” said Inoue. “At first, he was someone from a different planet, he could stay in the air longer than anybody else. Then I began to see him as someone who always encourages you to set a vision and challenge yourself to achieve it.”

Inoue focused on details to continue the narrative of Sakuragi’s story, which hasn’t been in development since 1996. When readers last saw Sakuragi, he was sidelined with injuries. During the past 18 years, Inoue has said he’d imagine Sakuragi was still alive somewhere, recovering from injury and working out while continuing to think of himself as “the genius”

he once was in high school basketball. Those days inspired the illustration  which will never be published  on the Jordan Super.Fly 3, part of a new Jordan Brand collection created in partnership with Inoue.


The number 10 is present throughout the collection, replacing the standard 23. The number is a nod to Sakuragi’s player number and establishes the Jordan Brand x Slam Dunk collaboration as the character’s very own player-exclusive line.

“Using a legacy shoe like the iconic Air Jordan VI, as well as our latest performance model in the Jordan Super.Fly 3, served as the perfect vehicle to highlight the past and present  both in the product and the manga storyline,” said Gemo Wong, Energy Director for Jordan Brand.


The limited Slam Dunk edition has an interesting take on the iconic silhouette. An all-red upper features the iconic imagery fans of the 31 volumed manga series have grown to love. The images highlight moments from the series, paying tribute to the legacy of Sakuragi’s personal growth and on-court talent.



The Jordan Brand’s latest performance model — the Jordan Super.Fly 3 is the canvas for the new sketches of the “Slam Dunk” world. The all-black upper provides the perfect backdrop to showcase the continued on-court legacy of Sakuragi. Even the shoebox serves as an additional platform to tell Sakuragi’s continued story.



The collection also includes a red T-shirt with Sakuragi’s player number 10 in large elephant-print numerals and a white T-shirt with a sketch of the player and a nod to his fictional high school, Shohoku. Rounding out the line is a black hat with an embroidered “10” on the front, “Shohoku” on the back and a sketch from “Slam Dunk” under the bill.


The Slam Dunk collection will launch in select Asian markets on Oct.18, followed by a global release on Nov. 1. Visit for more

The collections will be available at the following stores across Southeast Asia, availability will depend on stores and are in very limited quantities.

Philippines: Titan stores across Metro Manila



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UNICEF Ambassador and NBA superstar Pau Gasol congratulates the Philippines, UNICEF and humanitarian agencies for their efforts in helping children and families affected by Typhoon Haiyan (local name: Yolanda).However, much more needs to be done one year after the typhoon.

After a year of recovery of our countrymen, Pau Gasol continues to support the victim of the typhoon haiyan. Last year he donated $1,000 every scores he made, all in all he score 24 points the whole game equivalent to $24,000.

Here is a short video message from the UNICEF ambassador and NBA Superstar Pau Gasol.

10 Things You Don’t Know About WeChat

With the rise of mobile apps in the Philippines, people are often mistaken that all of them are just the same. You think you know it all…Video Calls. Stickers. Free SMS. You got it wrong. There are many features of WeChat that are not known to many. Here are the 10 things you don’t know about WeChat:


1.You can actually act like a SPY on WeChat 
With their “Private Group” function, you can act like James Bond and tell your friend to just join the chat using your 4-digit password before they can get hold of your top secret. Without this password, you can’t join this private Group and they won’t know what’s the juicy secret they’ve wanted to hear.


2. You can meet a new friend or even a boyfriend.
By using “People Nearby”, you will get a chance to meet your next BFF or even your boyfriend to be. It has Tinder like features where it allows you to talk to people that are near your area. Who knows? Your prince charming might be a 100m away from you!


3. Their Stickers are moving and you can even create your own sticker. 
All the other chat apps uses stickers that are static. With WeChat, they’re moving! Not just that, you can upload your own GIF, upload it on WeChat and have your own set of stickers. You can even make yourself a sticker of your own face and turn them into moving stickers. How cool is that!

4. You can add up to 100 people on their Group Chats
While some of the other apps can only carry up to 40, WeChat can hold up to 100 people on the group chat where they can all send Photos, Name Card, use the Walking Talkie function, chat with each other and send animated stickers. Gather your whole high school batch on the group chat so you guys are all up do date with the gimiks, latest chikkas and upcoming reunions!

5. They have lots of promos such as Free load and Cinema Tickets.
Last month, they launched their free load promo where WeChat was giving away Php15 load to random WeChat PH users. This October, they gave away a total of 1,500 Cinema tickets worth Php200 each. Ha! Talk about too many freebies!


6. They were the first to launch “Hold To Talk”
Before, Whatsapp launched this feature. WeChat in China has already been using this service for a long time already. Why use hold to talk? When ya’ll ladies are in the nail salon and your nail polish is still wet, how on earth are you going to text your boyfriend to come pick you up already? Hold To Talk is the answer. It’s like a Walkie Talkie.

7. WeChat is created by the world-renowned Internet giant Tencent.
Tencent is considered to be one of the top five internet companies Firm in the World, and is on the same bar with only next to internet giants, Facebook and Google.

8. It’s a combination of all Social Networking sites and chat apps in the market.
WeChat is actually a messenger plus social network plus social media. It has Facebook like features (Moments & Official Account), Tinder (Friend Radar, Shake and People Nearby), Skype (High Resolution Video Calls, Whatsapp (Hold to Talk) to name a few. Why download all of this Social Networking Sites/App where you can have one to do the job?


9. It’s available on desktop too and you can send files such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other big files. 
Just log in to, scan the QR code and you can now use the WeChat app in the comfort of your desktop. Whats more? You can even attach big files such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

10. Sight Function
With the new upgrade on their iOS, (WeChat 6.0) you can now shoot a quick 6-second video clip and share instantaneously with your friends through Moments or chats. Sharing all of the action with your friends has never been so quick, fun and entertaining.


ATAT MC : Victory Party of brotherhood




Recently Atat Motorcycle Club (ATAT MC) celebrate their victory after dominating the 2014 Philippine National SuperBike Championship at  Clark International Speedway in Clark, Pampanga, last october 5.






A night full of fun and surprises from the ATAT as they celebrate not just with their teammates but also they family, friends, the fans who supported them last racing event and also the other riders which are some of they are competitors from last event race, but outside the racetrack they are just like one family, a bond of brotherhood.





Just like before, ATAT Motorcycle Club, displays their Superbikes on the event area for the friends to have a chance to take a picture and see in actual the ducati and aprilia superbikes.



A short presscon interview from the friends and media as the ATAT answered some question like how they prepare and train for the race and what are they doing when its off-season on racing.



Atat MC raffled some prizes from their generous sponsors to all who attend the victory party event. They also raffled special prizes such as riding gear only for the motorcyclist.



List of the winners who won last Phil. Natl. Superbikes Championship, they announced and claimed certificate of appreciation certificate from megaworld.

Lawrence Macalinao – Pirelli Cup Open Division 1Runner up Overall, Ducati Cup Novice 1stRunner Up
Jay Carrion – Ducati Cup Champion Intermediate.
Jevis Aguila – Pirelli Cup Open Division Champion
Myke Torres – Pirelli Cup Class B Champion
Vince Mercado – Ducati Cup Open Division Runner Up.
JC Villanueva – Pirelli Cup Class A Runner Up
Richard Panlilio – Ducati Cup Intermediate 2nd Runner Up




Danny Cruz of National Press Club doing a live interview via phone with theof the  ATAT MC member and also the champion from last event Lawrence Macalinao.


Atat MC cheers for the victory for the last event and for the future event, as they compete as a family as they brotherhood continues growing as they will be celebrating its upcoming 12years and many more years to come.



Atat MC Victory Party will not success without the help of the very energetic girl Ms. Cherry Burwell who handles and organize this victory party event.

More photos about the event here

to know more about Atat MC go to their official Fan Page



121 Bar & resto: Sizzling Salpicao the newest pulutan in town


121 grille and resto at allegro center in pasong tamo ext. in makati

Known among young Filipino urbanites as the home of the best pork chops and liempo in town, 121 Grille and Restaurant brings a delicious sizzling dish to give its guests nothing less than a flaming, grand time that will keep them coming back for more. Last October 15, we huddled as 121 Grille and Restaurant launched a more exciting way to enjoy a Filipino favorite – the Sizzling Salpicao.


121 Grille has become the bar of choice by young urban professionals in Manila who are looking for fun times after a hard day’s work. A smoky frontrunner in the Manila nightlife, 121 Grille instantly became a favorite among Manila’s young professionals by introducing unique concepts like Quiz Nights, Beer Pong, and Drinkeoke. “Here at 121 Grille, whether it’s a week day or a weekend, we make sure to turn our customers’ tough day in to a great one,” shared Hans Co, 121’s Marketing Manager. “121 Grille is a one-stop bar for those who want to create good and fun experiences with their friends, from the entertaining activities for everyone to enjoy up to the outstanding menu selection that comes in generous servings at value-for-money prices, we make things more exciting at 121 Grille.”


True to 121 Grille’s promise of offering great food and great times to its clientele, guests enjoyed a one-of-a-kind Quiz Night during the launch of the dish of the hour – the Sizzling Salpicao. Members of the press brought friends to experience a special 121 Grille Sizzling Wednesday Night featuring the popular Quiz Night. Guests were treated all night to a buffet of the pairings that goes perfectly with the new Sizzling Salpicao such as garlic rice, fried talong and banana hearts, and ice-cold beverage.


sizzling hot salpicao

Have a sizzling good time at 121 Grille and Restaurant with the newest Sizzling Salpicao specially concocted with Knorr Liquid Seasoning. Sizzling Salpicao will only be available from October 15 to December 15, 2014 for P279.00, good for 1-2 persons.


not just sizzling hot, its smoking hot sizzling salpicao

My review about the sizzling salpicao

Freshly serve on a plate to your table, the salpicao is tender and also juicy, i love the taste of the salpicao who saute in mushroom and Knoor liquid seasoning  combination of not so sweet and not so salty just perfect. Sizzling salpicao is highly recommended to partner with a ice cold beer on pulutan or a garlic rice for a dish.


121 Grille and Restaurant is located in 3 branches:

  • 2/F 2284 Allegro Center, Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City
  • 121 L.P. Leviste St. Salcedo Village Makati City
  • Unit G1B and G2B Eastwood Citywalk Phase 1 188 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave Bagumbayan, Quezon City

For more information about 121 Grille and Restaurant, visit

#WhatsNewWhatsNext for San Marino and daniel matsunaga

unnamed (2)

Recently San Marino launch their newest product the san marino tuna flakes and their newest endorser ‘Brapanese’ model Daniel Matsunaga at mercato in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Regularly daniel does cardio exercises, lifts weights, and participates in a lot of sports like professional football and the Spartan Race, the most difficult obstacle race franchise. He also loves to wakeboard and get into the groove of Brazil’s traditional dance Capoeira.


But sports and workout is only a small portion of what makes the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) grand winner fit and strong. The strength to do all his activities, especially after his recent big win at the reality show, comes from a daily diet that consists of a lot of protein that he gets from his favorite tuna.

“Food diet is very important for me. It gives me the strength to seize whatever opportunity comes my way after winning the top prize in PBB. And for me, the perfect diet mostly consists of high protein tuna from San Marino Tuna Flakes,” Matsunaga said.


Protein, after all, is an essential building block of muscles. The more protein people eat, the more they build and strengthen their muscles, which in turn will allow them to enjoy more activities and live life to the fullest.

San Marino Tuna

Whats New in San Marino Tuna Flakes?

Made from freshly-caught tuna with no preservatives, San Marino Tuna Flakes contains the highest level of protein to help build strong muscles so one can make the most out of life and take on #WhatsNewWhatsNext. This makes San Marino Tuna Flakes the perfect choice for health and fitness buffs. On its own or prepared in a variety of dishes like sandwiches and pasta, one can truly enjoy the natural goodness of tuna and the strength that comes with it.

“I just love San Marino Tuna Flakes. It’s all natural tuna goodness gives me just that – the strength to do what’s next in my showbiz career and sports engagements,” Matsunaga said.

Present as well in the San Marino Tuna Flakes’ launch are fit & fab celebrities like young basketball superstars Jeric and Jeron Teng, Dela Salle Archers’ Big Man Arnold van Opstal and lady spiker Mika Reyes, hunks Marc Nelson and Victor Basa, actress-models Phoemela Baranda and Bubbles Paraiso, showbiz reporters Ginger Conejero and Divine Lee, showbiz daughter Dani Barretto, and hosts Nikko Ramos and Katz Salao.

San Marino Tuna Flakes launch event also treated guests and participants to try out exciting activities for free like wall climbing, trapezing, rappelling and win exciting prizes likgooe GoPro cameras and Garmin watches.