ATAT MC : Victory Party of brotherhood




Recently Atat Motorcycle Club (ATAT MC) celebrate their victory after dominating the 2014 Philippine National SuperBike Championship at  Clark International Speedway in Clark, Pampanga, last october 5.






A night full of fun and surprises from the ATAT as they celebrate not just with their teammates but also they family, friends, the fans who supported them last racing event and also the other riders which are some of they are competitors from last event race, but outside the racetrack they are just like one family, a bond of brotherhood.





Just like before, ATAT Motorcycle Club, displays their Superbikes on the event area for the friends to have a chance to take a picture and see in actual the ducati and aprilia superbikes.



A short presscon interview from the friends and media as the ATAT answered some question like how they prepare and train for the race and what are they doing when its off-season on racing.



Atat MC raffled some prizes from their generous sponsors to all who attend the victory party event. They also raffled special prizes such as riding gear only for the motorcyclist.



List of the winners who won last Phil. Natl. Superbikes Championship, they announced and claimed certificate of appreciation certificate from megaworld.

Lawrence Macalinao – Pirelli Cup Open Division 1Runner up Overall, Ducati Cup Novice 1stRunner Up
Jay Carrion – Ducati Cup Champion Intermediate.
Jevis Aguila – Pirelli Cup Open Division Champion
Myke Torres – Pirelli Cup Class B Champion
Vince Mercado – Ducati Cup Open Division Runner Up.
JC Villanueva – Pirelli Cup Class A Runner Up
Richard Panlilio – Ducati Cup Intermediate 2nd Runner Up




Danny Cruz of National Press Club doing a live interview via phone with theof the  ATAT MC member and also the champion from last event Lawrence Macalinao.


Atat MC cheers for the victory for the last event and for the future event, as they compete as a family as they brotherhood continues growing as they will be celebrating its upcoming 12years and many more years to come.



Atat MC Victory Party will not success without the help of the very energetic girl Ms. Cherry Burwell who handles and organize this victory party event.

More photos about the event here

to know more about Atat MC go to their official Fan Page




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