Infinity Nado world’s 1st RFID smart chips that store fight stats and data

Toy nation unite! The newest game that has been making waves all over Asia and the rest of the world is finally here in the Philippines. Prepare to spin your way to greatness with the all new Infinity Nado.

Infinity Nado takes gaming to a whole new level with its precision fighting tops that feature the latest in battle technology. Made by popular toy-maker Auldey, Infinity Nado tops are designed using advanced physics that revolutionizes and increases game play and competition.

Infinity Nado Coaches - Jessica - Gem - Angel

The digitally advanced top is based on a popular Anime series of the same title that focused on battle, justice, & friendship. The story features the adventures of Jin and his mates as they enter the center of the Gyro-type tower to stop its rotation and overcome the evil forces to save the world. The hit Anime series currently airs weekdays at 9:30am on TV5.

Infinity Nado’s sophisticated gameplay features the world’s first RFID (Radio Frequency ID) smart chips that store fight stats and data using a state-of-the-art digital scanning system. The smart chips store gamers’ personal information and keeps real-time track of level certification, accumulated score, and fight history.

The games are likewise built on the same principles promoting non-stop, action-packed fun. Its tournaments and regularly sanctioned competitions have been happening in different parts of Asia and the rest of the world, gaining more fans and gamers, young and old alike, all eager for a NADO battle.

Built for strength, stability, and speed, Infinity Nado tops are mechanical spinning wonders perfect for tinkering, thrill-seeking tots. It is composed of five interchangeable layers that manipulate the top’s center of gravity. This makes for precision control whether you wish to play at a lightning-quick pace or a hard-nosed attacking style.


Setting up the Infinity Nado is easy. Follow the directions on how to piece together the parts. Once assembled, activate the digital scanner, by yourself through a personal computer or with the help of Infinity Nado coaches who will betouring different toy stores in Metro Manila to spread the good word about Infinity Nado. After that, you can start keeping tabs on game history and progress to earn points to steadily climb up the ranks.


Infinity Nado Coaches Jessica, Gem, and Angel will be visiting major malls to interact with gamers and help newbies find out the ins and outs of this new and thrilling game. They will also be on hand to award serious gamers with their very own Nado Passport, a badge that serves as entry to sanctioned tournaments and into the world of Infity Nado.


Infinity Nado will soon be hosting weekly and monthly competitions where gamers can meet and bond. Not only that, but competitors also stand the chance to take home a brand new car if they win the Infinity Nado’s grand battle.


Mix and match your Infinity Nado parts to stay on top of the class. Watch out for Infinity Nado spinning tops such as the Infinity Nado Aspis, Infinity Nado Jester, Infinity Nado Cyan Spout, Infinity Nado Furious and more. You can now grab your Infinity Nado toys in Toy Kingdom, Toy Town, Toys R’ Us and other toy stores in Metro Manila.


The Infinity Nado tour kicks off this weekend of January 31 and February 1 with a visit to Megamall in Ortigas Center, Pasig. The team will soon visit major malls near you, so watch out and keep those tops spinning until then.

Like its Facebook page at and keep posted to find out more details on Infinity Nado products and information about their weekly and monthly tournaments.

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“COMET” to hit Philippines this february

CMT_Banner 5x7ft_merge_small file

Following the success of the Adam Levine-Kiera Knightley starrer Begin Again, Solar Pictures brings to local cinemas “COMET”– a cosmic love story that is sure to leave audiences with that warm February feeling.

“Comet,” stars Golden Globe nominee Emmy Rossum (“The Day After Tomorrow,” “The Phantom of the Opera,” “Mystic River”) and Justin Long (“Live Free or Die Hard,” “He’s Just Not That Into You”).

“Comet” is an original modern love story that follows Kimberly (Rossum) and Dell (Long), who first meet at the Hollywood cemetery where they’ve both come to watch a meteor shower.

Kimberly is brilliant and beautiful; Dell is nerdy and pessimistic, but with an incredibly sharp mind and direct manner. While she and he are not a natural pair, they are cosmically drawn to each other and, under a night sky, luminous with falling stars, they begin their epic love story.

As the opening title card states the events “take place over six years (a few parallel universes over).” But what starts as a typical romance quickly turns dreamlike as viewers leap back and forth in time, examining their eventual six-year relationship through the lens of their meeting and four other pivotal moments: a monumental fight at a friend’s wedding in Paris; a break up conversation after Dell has moved to New York; a reconnection on a train ride along the California coast; and finally, when Dell pops in on Kimberly unexpectedly in her home in the Hollywood Hills.

comet1The leaps between these moments are seamlessly woven together to create a sense that this love story transcends time and space and that Kimberly and Dell are destined to be together, if not in this universe, then maybe the next.

Content Media introduced and screened the film to international distributors for the first time at the 2014 American Film Market (AFM) last November and was then picked up by Solar Pictures, among other films.

“The universal theme and inventive storytelling in ‘Comet’ have us believing that audiences will really connect with the film,” said Content Media President of Film Jamie Carmichael. “We were drawn in immediately and are happy to have this film…”

COMET opens in cinemas nationwide on February 25, 2014 and is released by Solar Pictures.

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ABS-CBN newest teleseye with Janella Salvador “Oh My G!”


MANILA, Philippines – Singer Actress Janella Salvdor star in a unique love story that centers on the journey of an orphaned teenager in ABS-CBN’s newest feel good drama series titled ” Oh My G!” which will be airing on January 19 (Monday).

“Unlike other love stories, ‘Oh My G!’ is not purely about romance. Its about my role Sophie”s life as a teenager, about her struggles in school, friends,  love and her faith” said Janella whose character perfect life is about to turn around because of the death of her parents.

Janella considers “Oh My G!” close to her heart not only for being her first starring teleserye, but also because of the inspiration, lessons and values impart to viewers especially for teens like her who are too preoccupied with school, family and social media.

Janella added the show was conceptualized through the personal request of Carmelite nuns to ABS-CBN president Charo Santos-Concio. in celebration of St. Teresa of Avila’s 5th birth centenary on march.

“They ask Ma’am Charo to create a story inspired by the teachings of  St. Teresa of Avila. That’s why we are sure that kids and teenagers will surely relate and learn the importance of humility, love for neighbor and detachment from material things”. -Janella.


Also joining Janella in ‘Oh My G!’ are Marlo Mortel, Manolo Pedrosa, Sunshine Cruz, Dominic Ochua, John Arcilla, Edgar Allan Guzman and Janice De Belen. Eric Quizon and Maricar Reyes will also appear for special participation. It is under the direction of Roni Velasco.

Don’t miss the beginning of the newest feel-good drama series that will bring  everyone closer to god, “Oh My G!” on Monday before “It’s Showtime” on ABS-CBN Prime-Tanghali.

Bierra Paluto Restaurant : a place for seafood lover


Looking for a place to dine? freshly cook seafoods in ortigas? try to visit the Bierra  Paluto Restaurant.

Bierra is located inside the Ortigas Home Depot.It has a lot of variety of seafood dishes and cool drinks. You can chose from appetizer to dessert you can enjoy everything here. Bierra not just a seafood resto they also serve nachos and tacos, vegetables and pork/beef/chicken dishes too. Also they have a live performers every night to entertain you.


mangga’t bagoong for appetizer


nachos overload




sizzling pusit






sweet and sour fish

these are some of the dishes at Bierra Paluto Restaurant, for more photo’s go to :
for more info about Bierra Paluto Restaurant visit they are open monday to sunday 9am to 4am.