Bikes To Town: Trade in your Helmet to a New one

    Bikes to Town is a cycling awareness campaign drive for many of the workers at Ayala Alabang Village (AAV) who uses bike as transportation service, since most ride their bikes to work and accidents do happen, of course that’s because they lack PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) and the most important one is of course, the helmet.

 ATC Bike To Town
    Ayala used Alabang Town Center (ATC) as a jumping pad for its initiative. Last week, they partnered with a few of cyclist personalities and coaches, one of them is Patrick Joson, a certified International Cycling coach, where they rode around ATC down to the streets of Ayala Alabang Village, mingling with commoners and villagers alike.
Giro Helmet
    For this coming weekend, AAV partnered with Light N Up, Inc., to promote more of selecting the proper equipment on the bike, and thus, the promotion revolves primarily on the helmet.
     Since skills and proper road manners and awareness are implied last week, selecting the proper and fit equipment is crucial.
     So in line with this, top helmet brands as Giro, Bell and Kask participate in the promo.
Bell Helmet
 Promo Mechanics :
    Trade-in your used yet wearable helmet, which goes to the workers and patrons of ATC and AAV, which they can rent out. there’s a growing cycling community around Ayala, so this benefits them greatly, also a FREE shirt to go with the helmet trade smile emoticon
Location: Corte de las Palmas (ATC Outdoor Activity Area)
Date/Time: All sunday of January 9AM – 9PM

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