Experience the Sinulog with OPPO F1s


Adventurers who seek to satisfy their wanderlust in the Queen City of the South will be thrilled to discover that it never runs out surprises. From must-try restaurants to historic landmarks and panoramic backgrounds for selfies, Cebu City’s destinations always provide a feast for the senses.


But while there are many places and flavors that offer an unforgettable experience of Cebu City, partying with Cebuanos during Sinulog is perhaps the best way to create memories in the much-beloved tourist hotspot.

The nine-day celebration culminates on the third Sunday of January, when a grand parade fills Cebu City with bright-colored costumes, the rhythms of drums and gongs, and crowds moving along to the iconic Sinulog dance. Because of its color and energy, the Sinulog Grand Parade offers the perfect moments for mandatory snaps.


The iconic festival offers the perfect opportunity for the ultimate travel selfies but how can they achieve a level of creativity and playfulness worthy of Sinulog’s colors and beats? Here are a few recommendations:

It begins with your smartphone’s camera

Thanks to smartphone cameras, taking travel selfies are easier and faster even when you’re on the move. The OPPO F1s, however, takes this convenience to a whole new level. You can skip pressing the shutter button and simply say ‘cheese!’ or raise your palm in front of the camera. This helps you avoid those shakes caused by the pressing of the shutter button.



Even when you’re in a crowd dancing the Sinulog steps, you can unlock the F1s in 0.22 seconds and take a photo right away, thanks to the phone’s lightning-fast fingerprint recognition.


You also want to look your best whenever you take a selfie—a task easily accomplished by the phone’s Beautify 4.0. This latest iteration of the phone’s beautifying app enhances your skin and facial features to give you your desired flawless look.

Selfies taken on the F1s, nicknamed the ‘selfie expert,’ are also exceptionally clear and vividly-detailed because its front-camera sports a large f/2.0 aperture.

More creative ways to take a selfie

The F1s also lets you take more creative and upload-worthy selfies as you make detours for your Sinulog trip.


If you want to take a sunset selfie atop the Lantaw Floating Restaurant or a party shot at the LIV Superclub, the phone’s upgraded screen flash function automatically selects the appropriate brightness level. The resulting selfie captures your best look and the splendid background in perfect clarity and detail.


If you want to go for a panoramic selfie, the F1s has a panorama feature that lets you take three extra-wide 120° front-facing photos seamlessly combined to include your entire group or the full background. This shot works best if you’re on spots overlooking the city or if you’re in the midst of the Sinulog Grand Parade crowd, where you can make yourself stand out.

Your variation of selfies will not be complete, however, if you did not take a GIF of yourself taking part in the festivities or digging in on a plate of lechon. Because GIFs are more playful and interactive, they can serve as potential hits in your social media feeds.

And the best thing about having the ‘selfie expert’ on your travels? You can take more upload-ready selfies wherever you choose to go for your next adventure.

The F1s is available in concept and dealer stores nationwide. For more information, log on to http://www.oppo.com/ph/index.html.

credit to GizmoManila.com and Fb.com/GizmoManila for photos.


Grab can now pick-up passengers at NAIA Terminals


Since Grab launched GrabCar in the Philippines way back in 2014. Grab focused on transforming the way filipinos travel. And now a new services offered for travelers travel experience.

Starting on monday (March 14), NAIA passengers will soon be able to book rides with Grab following its official accreditation with the airport management.

The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) and Grab the number 1 Transportation Network Company (TNC), signed agreement today which allows GrabCar drivers to pick up passengers from the 4 terminal of NAIA.

Grab is the 1st TNC to be officially accredited by MIAA, allowing NAIA travelers to books GrabCars to travel to and from the airport.

Grab booths will be placed at designated areas at the terminals where booking agents will assist passengers. Anyone will be able to book a ride even if they may not have a smartphone or mobile data connectivity. Multiple booking can be made at the Grab booths at any one time to cater to more travelers. Those who wish to book a ride with Grab may also do by using their smartphone.

To better facilitate traffic in terminals, passengers and Grab drivers will be prompted to proceed to the Grab booths, which also serve as the pick-up points at the arrival curbsides area.

ww terminal

GrabCar operators will be allowed to enter the arrival areas once it receives a confirmed booking.

MIAA GM Jose Angel Honrado thanked Grab for sharing in its goal of enhancing passenger experience at NAIA.  “MIAA and Grab’s vision are aligned with each other. Were fully support the innovation that it brings to our goal of further developing our airports” – GM Honrado.

This partnership ensures that NAIA travelers enjoy the highest quality service, with the agreement encompassing and accountability services. Grab will provide MIAA an online platform or a “Dashboard” which allow MIAA to monitor, in real-time, GrabCar vehicles that have been booked from NAIA.

Grab will be covered by the same airport policies on traffic management like other transport providers.

Kujaku: Perfect buddy for your daily adventure

kujaku one touch water bottle

Kujaku one of the trusted brand designed and build from Japan, Kajaku continues to brings great products since 1950 and now in the philippines as the Much Prosperity Trading Intl. Inc. (MPTII) distributed Kujaku nationwide today.

They uses high grade quality material for Kujaju‘s product, as we all know japan is one of the most advance in terms of technology.

Im lucky to try one of their product, the Kujaku One Touch Compact of Stainless Steel Vacuum Series Bottle. This Vacuum Bottle is insulated product used to keep Hot and Cold drinks. Specially in today’s era, we wanted to enjoy our drinks on to go.


A lot of company invest on the packaging of the products, it really attract the consumer to easily choose your product but consumer’s should really look on product’s quality.

kujaku insulate


Kujaku stainless steel One Touch Compact Bottle is compose of two layers,   Polypropylyne Plastic  outside that absorb/prevent to and rust resistant stainless steel inside.

kujaku one touch.jpg

Kujaku has a one touch technology that you can open by pressing the button, enjoy your drinks and hassle free for your daily activity. Kujaku really suits your daily lifestyle, from home, office or even sports and outdoor activities.

kujaku on bike

Tested Kujaku on Hot and Cold drinks

Yesterday I ride from Navotas City to Monumento, Caloocan City (10KM distance. I refill Kujaku Compact Bottle with cold water from refrigerator. Around 1hour ride from our home for our weekly ride and basketball hoops. Exactly 2 hours since I open the bottle and it’s really amazing that the water is as cold as the water hours ago. It’s nice to drink cold water specially on a hot weather and thirsty afternoon ride. it’s really amazing is it can hold the temperature the whole day inside. One word to describe Kujaku “Awesome”. With kujaku One Touch Water bottle Slim design, it’s perfectly fit on a bike water bottle holder. It make’s kujaku the perfect water bottle for daily adventure.

kujaku clean.jpg

How do I clean Kujaku Bottles?

After drinking coffee or soda one of the problem is how to remove coffee/soda stain on bottles, I clean bottles by washing it on warm water. Unlike the common wash that use water and dishwashing soap/liquid. Sometimes using soap it’s affect the rubber gasket. it also affect the water bottle condition specially color white, turning into a yellowish color after a few months.

kujaku water bootle

more photo’s about kujaku one touch slim water bottle

Kujaku Stainless Steel One Touch Compact Bottle

Color:  Red / Blue / Black / White

500ML P1,099.75

600ML P1,299.75

Kujaku products are available at

  • AllHome (Shangrila)
  • Robinsons Dept. Store (Ermita/ Galleria)
  • The Landmark (Trinoma / Makati)
  • TrueValue (Magnolia / Rockwell / Shangrila / Maxilon Cebu / Davao / CDO)
  • Metro (Alabang / Market-Market / Colon Cebu / Ayala Cebu)
  • NCCC Dept. Store (Mall Main /Maa / Tagum / Palawan)
  • KCC Malls (General Santos)
  • TS Dept. Store (La Trinidad / Harrison)


For complete Kujaku Products, Follow Kujaku on their social media accounts



Endless fun under the Philippine Sun with Dermplus


Who doesn’t love a little fun in the sun? The beach can be a perfect way to spend the day and get some summer moments with your loved ones. Summer means sun, shorts, sandals, bathing suits, and bronzed skin. But with beach hair and shorter hemlines comes the dangers that not only instigate the probability of skin cancer, but the aging process as well. Sun exposure is, essentially, subjecting yourself to sun damage – but in the same note, avoiding the outdoors altogether is both impractical and nearly impossible.

Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock is the answer to your skin problems this summer. It is formulated with unbeatable UVA and UVB filters to protect your skin in the harsh ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Dermplus sunblock physically blocks and reflects light and it also helps heal skin damage caused by over-exposure to the sun. Dermplus Sunblock is available in different SPFs like SPF 24 that is recommended for morena skin and for indoor use, SPF 35 for fair skin and SPF 80 and 130 for extreme outdoor activities. Use Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock and worry no more about the harmful Ultra Violet A (UVA) and Ultra Violet B (UVB) rays. Whether you will spend your summer in Boracay, Cebu, Palawan or in Bohol, never forget your number one sun defense partner. Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock is also trusted by Emilio “Chieffy” Caligdong, a professional football player and the former team captain of the National Football Team.

Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock is available in all leading drugstores, supermarkets and department stores nationwide. For more information call 817 33 03 or like us on Facebook.

Global Pinoy Bazaar on Aug 22- 24 at World Trade Center


    As the Global Pinoy Bazaar moves to the World Trade Center for its tenth installment, Yabang Pinoy proves the quality of Filipino brands threefold.

     For eight years running, the Global Pinoy Bazaar has been successfully championing the excellence of proudly Filipino brands, proving that we can compete with big international labels. The flagship project of Yabang Pinoy has built a community where business owners focus on craftsmanship and consumers expect loyalty.


       In the 10th Global Pinoy Bazaar on 22-24 August 2014, Yabang Pinoy moves to the World Trade Center, a venue three times larger, to showcase the breadth of Filipino entrepreneurialism. The lineup features almost two hundred local brands and business concepts, from loyal merchants to budding startups, in art, design, music, travel, technology, home, fashion, and food and beverage.

     “A Filipino entrepreneur is someone who believes that Filipinos have the ability to exceed or at least be at par with established international brands in terms of product quality, process efficiencies, marketing, and branding,” says Mark Carrillo of men’s lifestyle brand Fledge Clothing. The new entrant to the bazaar is equally as committed to product quality. “People are always surprised when they learn that our products are locally made. We are joining Global Pinoy Bazaar to support the local industry, and show the quality of local independent brands,” says Mark.

     This conviction is not lost in Martha Rodriguez of Vesti Clothing, which has been joining the bazaar since the brand was founded four years ago.” I started Vesti in October 2010 to showcase the beauty of hand-woven indigenous fabrics from Mindanao. I joined Global Pinoy Bazaar in November the same year because I felt that it was the perfect venue where people appreciate local art, culture, and heritage.”

     The bazaar is also marked by various activities, from talks by crowdfunding platform Spark Project and app developer JoomaJam, to workshops by crafts studio Craft Manila, and a jamming session by dance school Samba School Imperatriz Filipinense, among others.

     The Global Pinoy Bazaar also coincides with Buwan ng Wika and with the “Made in the Philippines Products Week,” as declared by Presidential Proclamation No. 76.

     By showcasing globally competitive Filipino brands, Yabang Pinoy strives to support and empower local micro, small, and medium enterprises, and develop the community of globally competitive Filipino brands.

     The 10th Global Pinoy Bazaar will be held on 22-24 August 2014, from 11am to 9pm at the World Trade Center. Please visit www.yabangpinoy.com for more information.

My ToyCon Experience

Last June 20 to 22 at Megatrade Hall of SM Megamall in mandaluyong, toy enthusiast, toy collector’s and cosplayer’s gather in another big event in his 13th year. The 13th philippine Toy Convention.   toycon-2014   I came in this event on Day 2 at 11 am, but the crowd is starting to become big, as the collectors, exhibitor’s and vendor’s are excited on the second day. Also this year we celebrate the 75 anniversary of batman. i really didn’t know that batman is 75 years old now. Image So a lot of toy collection of batman are display here in this 3 day event. This are the example of Batman Action Figure that are display to public. ImageImage ImageImageImage Also the clothes were used in the first movie of  Rurouni Kenshin are displayed here in ToyCon all the way from Japan. As they promote for their upcoming 2 movies of  rurouni kenshin this 3rd quarter of 2014. Image

the  one who wear by kenshin in the movie


coat of Captain Shinomori of Shoguns hidden spy.


Sanusuke Sagara fighting suit,

      On Day two, Ryza Cenon heats up the night for UNO Magazine autograph signing featuring her on the cover photo of swimsuit collection.


    An special gift from the beautiful ms.ryza cenon of UNO, an magazine with an autograph specially for me. On the other side of megatade hall the booth of Alodia with an meet and greet experience for their fans. Her booth was surrounded by fans and event marshal’s to secure that everyone will be ok. Unfortunately i only got this one clear photo of alodia because of to many people around her booth to see the cosplay goddess.


 On the Day 3 of ToyCon a lot of Toy store are lower their price and some of the limited edition items are displayed to sale. One of the store that having a huge number collectibles items on Jae Collection store.


      As you see on the picture, this is limited edition spider-woman action figure selling by JAE collections store at 20,000php. Image

      The limited edition avenger’s action figure set of 4 at the price of 65,000php that’s a huge a lot of money at that price you can buy and own a brand new motorcycle.



     On the other store, this bigboys collection store, is also having a number of items to choose. They started collecting as a hobby but now, they are selling collectibles items too.


We are also have our own collectible toys, with this limited edition eraserheads figures. it was really amazing that not just superheroes and other action figures can be find here, but also our famous local bands. you can buy eraserheads collectibles at the price of 2,500 for the set of 4.


      There are also a booth where you can find filipino comic artist, these are group of 5 from a university join together for this event. They can draw on the spot, or they can make a customized superhero with you face on it.Image

   This guy is doing a on the spot drawing of catwoman. he is very creative even without copying.ImageImage

    Also at Day 3 another exciting event is much awaited from UNO Magazine, The autograph signing of gorgeous Roxee B. for her UNO Magazine cover for the month of June-July 2014.


     And yes for the second time, i am lucky to have a autograph sign magazine by Roxee B. on the day 3 of the ToyCon. SAM_5560 After that sizzling hot autograph signing, i continue to look around and see the display collection. This is some of the photo of toy’s in 2014 ToyCon. SAM_5248 SAM_5250 SAM_5254   SAM_5257 SAM_5266 SAM_5283 SAM_5306 SAM_5307 SAM_5325 SAM_5388 SAM_5495 SAM_5505 SAM_5511 SAM_5514 SAM_5255 SAM_5261 SAM_5293 SAM_5301 SAM_5501 SAM_5304  SAM_5253







This is my toycon experience, i really enjoy this event. I love toy’s and i recall my childhood when i was so addicted to toys. It was a really awesome and memorable weekend. Hoping to see you again next year. More power to ToyCon philippines.